Nevada’s Next Governor David Lory VanDerBeek

VanDerBeek for Governor means RESTORING YOUR AMERICAN DREAM. VanDerBeek for Governor for you means a great career and income, world-class education, world-class healthcare, retirement in comfort and prosperity with your loved ones, and preservation and expansion of personal freedoms. Governor VanDerBeek will take office after the 2014 election in Nevada and has the support of the entire USA and around the world in restoring Constitutional law, natural rights, the rule of law, and freedom of choice. VanDerBeek for Governor means Liberty of Conscience, social, religious, and political. Most importantly, VanDerBeek for Governor means the Government based of the Constitution, NOW and FOREVER, in defiance of all opposition and all tyranny.

The American dream is a simple concept.  The American dream was that you could come to America and it did not matter who you were, where you were from, or what your background was. Through hard work and creativity you could become independently wealthy and enjoy the fruits of your life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness however you chose to define it with the cooperation of constitutional government. THAT is the American dream. The reality is that this dream is dying because our government is under the control of a global mafia cartel that has purchased the favors of both the major political parties. However, there is a remedy…that is you. It does not matter what these criminals in Washington have done. It does not matter how many laws they have passed, how many judges they have bought off, how many patriots they have forced out of government, how many whistleblowers they have murdered, because We the People always possess the power to restore our freedom.

Many of you believe in God and often times people will say to me, ‘David, it is all in God’s hands. We must wait on Him.’ Well, I believe that God has made us strong and free so that we can stand up and solve our problems. In other words, God’s strength is in us and through us, but He will not force us to use our strength for that would be contrary to the principle of freedom itself. Our God is a God of Freedom. We are Free at every moment in time to choose a new path regardless of all that has passed. NOW is a new moment. So choose today to fight for your freedom. Join me in restoring liberty to this nation. For what we do here is not merely for Nevada. When we succeed in restoring real freedom we will shake the pillars of tyranny across the earth forever. Never before has a generation existed with the power of the Internet. Never before have tyrants faced such immediate backlash and exposure. Their power will fail. Free markets will rise. New bonds will form. Old chains will burst. The world is a new world. This America will be beyond anything our ancestors imagined.

I can say right now that I am prepared to fight to the death, endure torture, or a life in prison for your freedom and that of my children. What are you willing to do for your freedom? History will remember that there was a generation of patriots who stood fast against global tyranny and our grandchildren will remember that we were men and women of truth, honor, and integrity. The choice is quite simple. There is only one logical move when you have been backed into a corner. That is to go on a full offensive attack against your enemy, because you have nothing left to lose. If we do nothing, we will lose everything and we have. It is time to take back our lives, our land, our liberty.

WE ARE AMERICANS. We will not go the way of Nazi Germany or Communist Russia or China. WE ARE AMERICANS. We were born free. We have given up our rights through our sloth and ignorance. We have been betrayed, abused, and deceived by our leaders. No more. No more. No more.

Join me. We are one family of patriots across this nation and around the world. Whenever we rise up we win. So rise up! Rise up as a free people and enforce your natural rights with the full force of your being. The enemy we face is cowardly and unworthy. To resist tyranny and defeat it with vengeance is an act of pure love and compassion for all the innocents they have abused and murdered as well as all those they might victimize in the future if we do not stop them. IT IS TIME TO MAKE THE WORLD STOP. IT IS TIME TO REBOOT SOCIETY. IT IS TIME TO RESTORE THE AMERICAN DREAM.

David Lory VanDerBeek

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