September 21, 2014

FOX News: FBI Has Been Involved in 17 False Flag Terrorist Non-Events. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek.

See something say something. Report this to DHS and tell Janet Napolitano to fight terrorism by shutting down the FBI. Must share.


  1. Bobby Corbin says:

    we have way too much government we can do w/o DHS FBI because i feel that the 2nd amendment is the original DHS and the FBI seems a little unconstitutional.

    • Bobby Corbin says:

      heres something illegal that happened in Reno NV

      • Thank you for sharing. I would need to know if they gave them the opportunity to fix the flags before cutting them down.

        • Bobby Corbin says:

          idk but it maybe something to look into if i have more info on this i will share it

        • This flag business is about as serious as it can get.

          You know me, Governor, I am not one to stir up trouble (impishly giggles), but is it not true that flying one flag over another indicates the conquering of the top-flag nation over the lower one? And, if that is the case, is it not also true that flying the US flag over a state flag denotes the same thing?

          I will ask…

          “Who really won the War of Nations (mistakenly known as the Civil War)?”

          Not trying to stir up trouble, just asking (haughty, naughty, heavy and deviously loud laughter, fading silently into the night…

          • That’s the question. What was the business owner trying to communicate with that symbolic gesture and was he given a chance to self-correct? There are many intense feelings this arouses in our warrior class who fought for the stars and stripes.

          • I agree that flag-flying can be a symbolic gesture but, traditionally, it is much more than symbolic. Flying a flag represents the conquering of one nation over another and, consequently it also represents, in many cases, the loss of many lives over that struggle. The State is much to blame for the recently lackadaisical posturing of something as serious as this (and by “State” in this instance, I am referring to the federal government). That veteran understands the solemnness and seriousness of it. He served. The business owner is lucky it stopped where it did. I respect, what I must assume was, his recognition of the seriousness of it, and his lack of pursuing it further. Well, “respect” may be a bit strong of an adjective. I also “respect” the decision of a rabbit to crawl down a hole when being chased by a fox, too.

            Unification is the way of the NWO, under the guise of “bringing people together.” But this “oneness” of their intentions has nothing to do with togetherness. It is just one more way the elite use to control the masses and further separate them from us.

            This has all been exposed in their writings. People can look up the 40 goals of the Illuminati and the Protocols of Zion to begin with. From there, the path to all of their other works easily discovered. They really do want to cut the population by more than 90% to ensure their control, and they will use any means at their disposal to accomplish this goal.

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