April 16, 2014

National Scout Jamboree 2013 False Flag Insider Warning. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

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Let me be clear, my objective in sharing prior knowledge of a mass casualty terror drill is to prevent criminal elements in the government from taking this drill live at the jamboree. I want the good people in government to feel confident in maintaining accountability over one another. As an Eagle scout myself, I want the scouts to have a great jamboree.


I have been on the phone with two reliable sources connected with military and a well known private investigative network. The military source decided to come forward because of the Boston bombing and the evidence that it was staged by the FBI.  The source provided information regarding a July FEMA mass casualty terror drill that has been kept a secret from the public. As I’ve previously said, it is not the announced FEMA/DHS/FBI terror drills that concern me, it is the unannounced drills that go live like Boston that concern me because real people can and do die. The source indicated that we need to scrutinize the National Scout Jamboree 2013 for a possible mass government staged false flag attack. https://summit.scouting.org/en/Jamboree2013/Pages/default.aspx The leaders of the event are changing the location of the event for the first time in 30 years. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin of West Virginia has signed an executive order giving DHS, FEMA, and the national guard martial law police power over the event. “Thousands” of national guard soldiers will be there. http://www.register-herald.com/local/x2063990347/State-s-Division-of-Homeland-Security-to-coordinate-Jamboree Governor “Tomblin said he expects several thousand National Guard from West Virginia and across the country on the ground during the Jamboree “in case of an attack … or health crisis.”” There will be 50,000 scouts there with their families. The source provided notes from a government source that FEMA is preparing an unannounced disease outbreak drill caused by conventional and unconventional terrorism in July with 4:1 ratio of mental and “sick” and stated that this drill was scheduled to be held at the Jamboree. Unconventional terrorism is chemical and germ weapons. There will be killed and wounded family members involving sociogenic illness which means that a medical condition will be shared by a mass of people. They will have multiple unexplained physical symptoms. There will be no clear start or stop to the event that will be long term inciting panic and mistrust of public officials. Being at this reserve, the scouts would be in the perfect location to rationalize a quarantine. Rioting/”breaking quarantine”, “noncompliance with vaccination and medical orders” as well as “resisting travel restrictions” are addressed in this powerpoint by the man named as the FEMA expert Steven M. Crimando whose work was used in training for the drill scenario http://www.njeha.org/pdf/Steven%20Crimando%20-%20Psychology%20Disaster.pptx.pdf If you look at his bio slide, he was a responder to both terrorist attacks on the WTC 1993 and 9/11 and Anthrax threat. In other words, this man is an expert in what would be the 9/11 scale of bio/chemical terrorist attacks.


But this is not all. We need to compare the old long standing location of the National Scout jamboree to the new one, but first I wanted to know about who owns the new location. The previous location for the last 30 years is Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, an active military base near D.C. I would like to know who made the decision to change the location and why. The new location is The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. Who is the Bechtel family? Google: “Bechtel corruption” They’re bad. Think of it this way: If the Rothschilds are the bankers of global government, Bechtel = the engineering company of global government. Remember the company that provided the poisonous mobile homes at Katrina? Think Bechtel. They have had construction contracts all over the Middle East = war profiteering. Remember all that waste in rebuilding after the first Iraq war? Think Bechtel. $680 for just a year and a half of work at the beginning of the war that blossomed into billions for them even though their works was a failure over and over. I did a search at usaspending.gov for the recipient “Bechtel” from and got back $53,760,324,263 in awarded contracts between 1999 and now. These are also the bastards that privatized Bolivia’s water supply raising the cost of water %50. After they were kicked out of the country due to the people rioting, Bechtel sued them for $50 million and received 30 cents because of international pressure. Remember the story about the corporation who first made the collection of rain water illegal? Think Bechtel. Bechtel = Blood for Water (see their logo below: bloody water/water wars) Here are their contributions http://influenceexplorer.com/organization/bechtel-group/c60ba1e12db24422a2ce10d663c9b7bb They play both sides of the isle giving to Obama and Romney in true globalist fashion. Who is their favorite politician of all? Diane Feinstein (Mrs. disarm America and defend Obama on Benghazi). That should tell you something. http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=6975 http://contractormisconduct.org/index.cfm/1,73,221,html?ContractorID=11&ranking=13 “Bechtel Meets Goals on Fewer Than Half of Its Iraq Rebuilding Projects, U.S. Study Finds” http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/26/world/middleeast/26reconstruct.html?_r=0 “Bolivia’s Struggle for Water” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAgu7sGd5uA
In sum, if you were evil and you wanted to sponsor a terrorist event on your property because that is who you are? Think Bechtel.


National Scout Jamboree 2013 disaster threat analysis of old site. Below  is the location of the jamboree for the past 30 years. It is an active army base. So, in the event of a terrorist attack at the jamboree with 50,000 scouts, you would be in an ideal location, because you would have all the military defense capabilities with the emergency response such as hazmat for chemical attack. You can bring supplies right to the front door of the location on trucks at highway speeds. You can get in and out easily of the location if you need to evacuate. You have complete communication with the rest of the world. If you’re there you have a cell phone signal everywhere you go to call for an emergency or stay in contact with your family. This is the old location of the jamboree for the past 30 years.

Photo: National Scout Jamboree 2013 disaster threat analysis comparison of old and new site. So this is the location of the jamboree for the past 30 years. It is an active army base. So in the event of a terrorist attack at the jamboree with 50,000 scouts you'd be in an ideal location, because you would have all the military defense capabilities with the emergency response such as hazmat for chemical attack. You can bring supplies right to the front door of the location on trucks at highway speeds. You can get in and out easily. You have complete communication with the rest of the world. If you're there you have a cell phone signal everywhere you go to call for an emergency or stay in contact with your family. Next we'll take a look at the new location.

National Scout Jamboree 2013 disaster threat analysis of new location. The main body will be at the villages that you can see in the center of the picture as two clearings. There are towns to the northwest with the highway. The events are spread across the reserve of mountainous terrain. If there is an emergency near the summit, how are you going to see the people? Look at the tree cover of the new location. Notice they had to draw the road on the map because you cannot see the road from the sky due to tree cover. There is one road up to the summit and down. However, there are supposed to be numerous helicopter pads. The road is a likely narrow and as you can see curving. It will not be highway quality as in the case of Fort A.P. Hill base. You could not cover that with many emergency vehicles easily even if you had them on hand as you would be able to on a military base. Also if you are the one stuck up on the summit needing help, how do you know you’ll have a cell phone signal to call for help? It’s clear that you will not have the resources you would at the Fort A.P. Hill base. It’s much less secure and unguarded if someone wanted to enter the camp from any direction. The trees would hide them on their way in and out.

Photo: National Scout Jamboree 2013 disaster threat analysis of new location. The main body will be at the villages that you can see in the center of the picture as two clearings. There are towns to the northwest with the highway. The events are spread across the reserve of mountainous terrain. If there is an emergency near the summit, how are you going to see the people? Look at the tree cover of the new location. Notice they had to draw the road on the map because you cannot see the road from the sky due to tree cover. There is one road up to the summit and down. It is a likely narrow and as you can see curving. It will not be highway quality as in the case of Fort A.P. Hill base. You could not cover that with many emergency vehicles easily even if you had them on hand as you would be able to on a military base. Also if you are the one stuck up on the summit needing help, how do you know you'll have a cell phone signal to call for help? It's clear that you will not have the resources you would at the Fort A.P. Hill base. It's much less secure and unguarded if someone wanted to enter the camp from any direction. The trees would hide them on their way in and out. I'm going to show you a picture of the interactive map of the event so you get a feel for the terrain and how spread out the activities are.

Here is a picture of the interactive map from the jamboree website so you get a feel for the terrain and how spread out the activities are. If there were a disaster or terrorist attack as their Governor Tomblin has suggested, it would be a nightmare trying to help these people. Do you see the roads on the interactive map to the various locations? Neither do I. 50,000 scouts. It’s a recipe for disaster. I’m an Eagle scout and I know what scouts are like. Setting aside all terrorism, there are so many safety reasons why you would, for the past thirty years, put the jamboree on a military base and not on some reserve such as this.

Photo: So here you can see the map and the terrain of the events at the Jamboree. If there were a disaster or terrorist attack as their Governor Tomblin has suggested, it would be a nightmare trying to help these people. Do you see the roads on the interactive map to the various locations? Neither do I. 50,000 scouts. It's a recipe for disaster. I'm an Eagle scout. There are so many reasons why you would know for the past thirty years to put the jamboree on a military base and not on some reserve like this.

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  1. Donna Johnson says:

    Leading Lambs to the Wolves.

    • They wish. They’re not dealing with liberals now…These are salt of the earth folks.

      • Dave says:

        That’s why they’re using germs, something you can’t see or actively fight. This is never going to be a fair fight.

      • Lorri says:

        Hello David,

        Thank you for putting this out. I am an independent freedom writer and write for freedomoutpost.com I would like you to please email me about this. I am going to write about this as well. Maybe we can get this information out there enough that this won’t happen. I have already begun warning individuals including law enforcement and military that I know, so they can be aware and get the word out as well. Please contact me as soon as possible. I called and left a message at your number to contact for interviews. They have my number. Fighting for freedom and truth together. Lorri

        This goes right in line with what UN Agenda 21′s plans are for the “sprawl” which is people for those that do not know. They want to kill off 90% of world population, Bill Gates wants 100%. Sickening. This is the only way we can fight this is by exposing what they are doing. Although we have come a long way in exposing the truth and have made a lot of head way, the globalists are so infiltrated throughout our entire system and country that it is worse than the black widows spider web.

        Thank you for responding.

        • tim sweeney says:

          What? Bill Gates wants 100%casualty rates? Has anyone told Bill that figure includes his own self? Perhaps it’s just a typo. Bill couldn’t be that dumb.

          • Wayner says:

            Pretty sure with the Gates Foundation providing vaccines, etc. to the developing world (esp. Africa), bill doesn’t want to kill any of the population of the planet. More like saving some.

      • Angel says:

        David National Scouting Jamboree on 7-7-13 103rd anniversary
        Did you know this

        Numerology always plays a role ….. 7-7-13 Jamboree 103rd anniversary

      • Lionheart says:

        I was a scout leader until last year and I was amazed at how many overweight, out of shape, couch potato scouts were at our gatherings. And don’t even start with the leaders! Most are obese, to the point of not being able to hike or walk any distance.

        I joined scouts for my son and became his troop leader 3 years ago. I was never a scout but I always worked out, stayed in shape, and cared for my body. I was truly shocked by the shape of the modern scout and leader. They may be salt of the earth folk, but they are sitting ducks if there is an attack. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

        • Briant Dunnican II says:

          I understand your point but without those dedicated men and woman you would not have a scout program. Not of all us can sepend hours in a gym. I am so tied of being told how to live and perfect is. I have given over 49 years to scouting and have seen so many perfect parents that were never in scouting making comments about something they know nothing about. Go to the training courses and then comment.

          The BSA has already set new standards that have limited the weight for many activities and it has cause shortages in the program because the parents are not stepping up. When it comes time to step up and take over they disapear. If you want to change it then learn about the program and help guide it rather then complain.

          The world is not perfect and yes, the over weight adults do try to set the example and control what the scouts eat and help to get outside and exercise as often as possible. You must have seen the values we teach are worth something or you would not have brought your son.

          How many overwieght coaches do you see and no one says a word.

        • Wayner says:
      • Tracey Wilson says:

        My husband is one of the WV National Guard Troops doing security for this event. I cannot express to you just how much I hope that you are wrong about this happening Sir.
        He has a dangerous job. Bad enough dealing with deployments out of country. Now this possibility too?

        • I spoke to the family of a person in the military who says they are talking about it on base and want them to leave the area during the Jamboree, but I just don’t think they can pull it off now that we’re talking about the drill. It’s not that I’m wrong. It’s that we’ve stopped them from going forward with this false flag terrorism.

      • Tommy Plasha says:

        WVA has hard working coal miners, beautiful mountains and resosrt areas and a very successful Scout Jamboree that is receiving top review all over the world. Nevad has gambling and prostitution which is legal; your an asshole of the worst kind!

    • Wake up America – the endgame is near http://youtu.be/ptR653EUxTw

    • Linda Schmitt says:

      My son & his friends (I was their Cub Master way back when) are attending this. My first instinct is that we can not cower in fear or evil wins. Thank you thank you for exposing this. I will contact Boy Scout Counsel in the morning as well as my House Rep. and my evil Senators (I live in NYS – Trust me they are evil!)

    • EagleScoutMom says:

      Mr. Vanderbeek,
      My son went to the 2010 Jamboree and was informed, even BEFORE attended, that 2010 would be the last time Jambo would be held at Fort AP Hill at which time they announced the new site of Summit Bechtel – a wonderful area that was donated for use as a year-round boy scout camp. He also went to the shakedown campout, held last Summer at Bechtel. This was NOT a last-minute decision. PLEASE check your facts, or at least ask a Scout!

  2. Bobby Corbin says:

    goes to show even boy scouts are targets for false flags hopefully they are prepared for a such a event

  3. PushForTruth says:

    Great work David!

    This is very disturbing. I know it would be disappointing to the Scouts, but I would cancel the event. I would not bring my kids, or any kids, to an event where a “drill” was going to happen like this. Nowadays, drills seem to end up being “something else”. 20 years ago a “drill” wouldn’t set off an alarm, but it’s obvious things are different now.

    Thanks again for bringing us the truth!!


    • I don’t think they need to cancel. If we expose this for the next two months, then FEMA will stand down and they can have a terror free jamboree.

      • PushForTruth says:

        I hope you are right David.

        There seem to be some very sick individuals who must be getting paid very well to do the things that have been done. I don’t know how they can live with themselves. I pray to God to wipe these demons from the face of the Earth for what they are doing.

        Eisenhower warned everyone on his way out about the Military Industrial Complex.
        J.F.K. warned everyone about the secret societies.

        If Building 7 isn’t enough to wake people up, then I don’t know what is…….


        • There are 2 ways you can look at this. They have nearly 50,000 people surrounded. Or you have 50,000 people who will go back to where they came from when this is all over with. 50th. plus people from all over the US. What can they do to make them sick, and it not show up till they are back home? Spreading it at gas stations, bathrooms, in Air planes all the way home. List goes on. Then the rest of the family gets sick upon there arrival home. It shows people who call us conspiracy theorist. See they had a live drill and nothing happened. We don’t know nothing happened because it won’t be evident. Remember they already said some new flu showed up in China. I would just stay clear and wait until it can be switched back to the base. They may be scouts and able to survive in the wild, but not sick or with trained personnel in the trees waiting for a sick person to try and escape and we are told were shot dead in order to keep this from spreading. People will be all for this if they think it’s going to save them and their families from getting sick. They have the thermal imaging so nobody will get away to tell us what really happened.

          • It would be quite a way to spread something.

          • Brian says:

            Hello Peggy
            I wouldn’t disagree with you Peggy but for only one point. That’s not the exercise they are having. The whole point of the exercise is to deal with a germ or chemical breakout with a quarantine. This will give them the necessary experience to learn how to deal with internment of U.S. Citizens against their will. You couldn’t pick a better spot to do it too. No chance of a sick person wandering that terrain and making it out alive.

      • Matt Phillips says:

        So wait. if it happens, you were right, and if it doesn’t, you actively prevented it.

        Yeah, right. Go to hell, fear monger.

  4. Loretta says:

    I have gained respect for you, even though, I saw you as a hot-head from some earlier videos. Thanks for putting this info out!

  5. Susan Price says:

    Thank you David!!!! So Grateful for you that you are among the GREAT PATRIOTIC AMERICANS who are PASSIONATE about HUMANITY and NOT afraid to Protect and Lead……Americans have to wake up to their surroundings, the wolves are at the door, and we all need to start reinforcing one another and protect our families, our children our freedoms. I LOVE your Videos and share them with everyone!!!! You are a man of Honor & Valor and Proud to have you in our corner. Thank you so very much my friend. As a Mother of a Fallen Marine American Hero of a High Profile Tragedy, I am closer to recognizing the abstract Truth as you are and read the key words that are always used. Bless your every endeavor!!!

  6. Joe Conti says:


    RE: Bechtel – I worked for Bechtel Power for five months in 2006 and had to sit through a number of training videos declaring their great integrity. However, I had to resign when they forced me to work on a project that was clearly a scam. They were teaming up with another company that was bilking the govermment, receiving millions of dollars for a coal-drying process that everyone knew was never going to work. Thankfully, I told them off in writing when I left. They are arrogant people.

    RE: the Boston smokebomb, the Marietta Daily Journal was good enough to publish my letter to the editor on this today ( see http://www.mdjonline.com/view/full_story/22578419/article-Edit-wrong–Bombing-not-reason-for-pride?instance=secondary_story_left_column). Every little bit helps.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Joe always!

      • JPLeonard says:

        Dear David,
        Could you call for an investigation of how much money Bechtel is going to be collecting with this move to their location, how much it is going to cost the taxpayers extra vs. holding it at the tried and true old location?
        And is it possible to call for having the move cancelled and returning to the old location?
        JP Leonard,
        Progressive Press

        • kp says:

          Boys Scouts of America owns the property, not Bechtel.
          The scouts looked at 80 possible locations before settling on West Virginia.
          Initial funding of $50 million came from former Eagle Scout Stephen Bechtel.

  7. James Mapston says:

    This is absolutely a great catch! Is it my understanding, I assume, that you are running for Governor? Finally someone who gets it. If I lived in Nevada you’d definately have my vote!!! Glad to have found your sight.

  8. Concerned says:

    From the Bechtel Summit webpage promoting the event…

    Jamboree 2013 is going to be awesome. Of course, everyone already knew that! One reason is because it’s going to be at the Summit (again, you already knew that), but there is something else that is new and exciting coming to this jamboree. And here it is: The 2013 National Jamboree is allowing Venturers as participants for the very first time!

    “You only get to do the first time, one time!” – Larry Pritchard, national jamboree director

    So what does this mean for those of you going to the jamboree? Three things:

    1. The first thing to expect is a whole new subcamp just for Venturers! Because the Venturing program is being invited for the first time ever to a national jamboree, the staff is expecting just as many girls as guys. For the Summit people, this means building enough shower houses for both men and women, along with building the subcamp itself.

    2. The coolest thing about the Venturing subcamp is that Venturers from all across the nation are going to be camping in one spot! This is your opportunity to meet crews from all over the place. Each crew will be in groups of 10, with 40 Venturers to a campsite. That means your campsite will have not only your crew, but also crews from three other areas. And even though Venturers are coming in groups of 10, that doesn’t mean a council can’t bring more; some councils have even signed up to bring four groups of 10!

    3. Last but not least, as a Venturer at the jamboree, you’ll be a hero. Being a Venturer in this arena is the perfect chance to be a role model – younger Scouts look up to you. This is your opportunity to help mold the next generation of Venturing.

    Just as many girls as guys are expected to attend the jamboree. By my calculations, that means they are expecting ~100,000 attendees. In 1930′s Germany, boys and girls were required to attend ‘re-educaiton camps’ where many of the young women came home pregnant. Several years later, these same attendees began filling the ranks of Hitler’s SS and army corps.

    Also from the same webpage….”Patrol Z is a group of new-media journalists made up of Scouts and Venturers from all across America”…….So the ‘new-media journalists’ have infiltrated the Scouts now? Get ready for mass hypnotism of the most vulnerable of American citizens.

  9. Simon Black says:

    Good to see, send your behavioral/moral example to the U.K… Thank you…

  10. Joshua Black says:

    thank you so much for this warning :) you will have saved thousands of lives.

  11. Jason Drew says:

    that’s some very disturbing information.. and it makes me sick.. though i’m not even surprised by it. i will diffidently be sharing it. maybe if enough people know about it no one will show up

    • I just want FEMA/FBI/DHS to take the week off, stand down, and let these boys and their families enjoy the jamboree.

      • Lyn Brody says:

        Please don’t expect evil to change. Psychotic behavior does not have reasoning and is not usually reasoned with. I would not take a chance with it. If I had a child I would keep them home. These people think they are beyond reproach and accountability in their own minds.

    • Zoey says:

      Very good blog article.Thanks Again. Want more.

  12. SamAdams says:

    If I were a Nevadan, you would have my vote. Well written and plausible. Good luck and watch out for Sheldon.

  13. Stewart E. Voelker says:

    Cancel Cancel Cancel!!!
    Just like the planned armed march on DC, I’s just too risky for little gain.
    Don’t do it under any circumstances!

  14. virginiaff says:

    Thank you, got this to the right people in west virginia keep it coming. we are here to help.

    • Lorri says:

      I have also sent warnings to law enforcement and military that I know that are all over the nation. Some are bordering WV, some were already scheduled to be there. They are now aware of the possibility and will be keeping an eye out from the inside as well as be prepared.

  15. PushForTruth says:

    We are at a crossroads in society where we, as Americans, have to stand up to tyranny and demand the truth. If politicians are acting like criminals, they must be held accountable in the same way they use their laws to hold the public accountable. If they want to force Obamacare on everyone, they should be required to have to participate in it as well.

    If they want to terrorize the public with false flag attacks, they need to be held accountable. We send the wrong message to future generations when these things happen and no one is held accountable, and they use patsies to throw under the bus to divert the public attention away from all of the other unanswered questions, which of course, would point the people to the true perps.

    The people who are doing these false flag attacks are the true terrorists. They are so sick that they terrorize their own people- how disgusting and immoral is that? People need to stand up for what is right and demand the truth. No more free passes to the elite criminal class (international banksters, lobbyists,people in power,etc.).

    Who has the most to gain; ask yourselves that. But more importantly, who has the most to lose? Easy to see when you become awakened. We need to restore this Republic with HONEST people running for office. People should not fear their government for any reason. They “supposedly” govern by concent of the governed. WHO in the “governed” would approve of false flag terror attacks upon their own citizens? NO ONE.

    Wake up America, we are becoming a police state and losing our freedoms. The powers that be are stepping on the gas to take as much as they can get away with because people are becoming aware of their atrocious crimes against Americans. Building 7,,,,start there. It really started with the murder of J.F.K, but do your own research on Building 7.


  16. ScoutLeaderMom says:

    this new location has been in the works for years. they are making this the “Philmont EAST” . As we have so many scouts who can’t got tto high adventure camps due to cost of air fare to get across the nations. They are supposed to “have it all” including shot gun, rifle & hand gun range (though many have been wondering about this since politicians from WV have been such flagrant anti 2nd underwriters & supporters.. we all know of the drunken yacht parties put on by WV on the Potomac. AP Hill was always too small, crowded & U could not put up permanent structures or event stations. so this Bechtel thing was presented. Believe me I am a Big shouter of False Flags & Drills. Drills = Death, Ban the Drills! but AP Hills restriction s made it so space was very limited for how many Scouts from Troops or Districts went, there were assigned limits. So many scouts who wanted to couldn’t & it was limited to if any younger Scouts could go.. but yet again even it this new location, space was presented as limited. Look up a councils forms for camp etc.. And it is still too expensive for many families. And alot of boys w/ “issues’ need to have a parent come along. Now DHS already shoves their selves into Scouting, but recruiting for FEMA Corps.. & also by contacting national & regional councils & asking / “allowing” boys to participate in drills as “victims”. they do this alot. I put nothing to vile for DHS or any members of the Cabal to do. I am not going & neither R any of my boys. There is some sort of lease plan for this to Be a permanant camp for scouts. Goshen was too small even decades ago when my siblings went there, & then 15 yrs ago it was so packed w/ kids & the schedule was so bizzare that it was alot of work, alot of money, for a thing list a school class schedule where each class was too short to do anything or learn anything & U spent more time moving from activity to activity or trying to figure out what was going on… So Bechtel came in & was presented as savoir to all our Scouting woes.. but when they explain the ownership, the contracts etc.. it never made sense. & WTF is up w/ this part from our article “Governor Earl Ray Tomblin of West Virginia has signed an executive order giving DHS, FEMA, and the national guard martial law police power over the event. “Thousands” of national guard soldiers will be there. http://www.register-herald.com/local/x2063990347/State-s-Division-of-Homeland-Security-to-coordinate-Jamboree Governor “Tomblin said he expects several thousand National Guard from West Virginia and across the country on the ground during the Jamboree “in case of an attack … or health crisis.”” There will be 50,000 scouts there with their families” ~ MARTIAL LAW IS NEVER A GOOD THING! ever. WHAT is that all about? Why would they do this? why would they need this? Perhaps you can call the Governors office & present Ur self as press & asks some questions about his & then report to all of us & we will then share it out.

  17. With all seriousness, the global elite would like nothing better than to use this event to initiate a civilian vs. government conflict.

    In addition to this, the Illuminati Card Game has a ‘BOY SPROUTS’ card. Will this card be referred to ‘after the fact’ as the ‘JOGGER’ card is now to the Boston Marathon Bombings?

    Reposted at: http://elijah1757.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/boy-scouts-jamboree-2013-false-flag-alert/

    Thank you David,


    • Thank you, Keith.

    • Lorri says:

      You can believe if they do this and cause mass death of over 50,000 people, mostly children. It will accomplish their goal. They have declared war on the American people. It unfortunately will come to the point “if they don’t back off” that people are going to snap because they are not just going to stay calm so they can kill us off without a fight. Prayer everyone, we need prayer chains going on right now. No matter how evil these people are “GOD is KING” he is the ALMIGHTY< and HE does have the power to stop this, however we must turn our faces towards him. :-) God Bless and I pray they back off.

  18. bumbysquish says:


  19. Ed A says:

    Talk about hippocrates. You won’t post anything that doesn’t agree with your conspiracy theories. How are you going to find the truth.

  20. terry says:

    David Lory VanDerBeek….thank you!!!!!!!!!

    From a scout’s mom………I praise you for your courage and determination in getting this info out! May this False Flag threat NEVER come to be!

  21. Donna says:



  22. Mary says:

    Prevention goes a long way with illnesses, beginning with education and preparation.

    For most biological attacks, if they are viral/bacterial or even parasitic, having all Scouts and their families prepared with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic treatments of garlic (oil), cayenne pepper (pills eaten with food), and diatomaceous earth, respectively. You could also prepare detox areas with sweat lodges and exercise, Epson salt baths, dry brushing, bentonite clay (works on ionic levels), and other methods with little carry-on baggage.

    More baggage would be required for ion foot baths, rebounding on mini-trampolines, coffee enemas to drain the liver of toxins quickly so it can continue to function, and green juices (though many wild green edible plants should be available to eat on a reserve of this nature).

    Folks should understand and try whatever things work for them each cold and flu season each year anyway. Always prepared.

  23. Chris says:

    If you were planning on attending, please do. Regardless of who the terrorists are, they should not succeed with their agenda. The more people who get involved, the better chance we have of exposing them.

    Screw the “See Something, Say Something” campaign, if you see something … DO Something, and extend this attitude and practice to your communities.

  24. Stupid People Hater says:

    Okay now it all makes sense…..
    Yes, although they are “locked” in a bio-hazard freezer, it just “went missing” and no one knows how it happened. Why do they make this horrible stuff, isn’t life hard enough, don’t they have a thousand other ways to kill people?

    Potentially Deadly Virus Vanishes From Texas Laboratory

    • PushForTruth says:

      Great work Stupid People Hater! (Great screen name too!)-

      Nice catch here. Funny how you won’t hear about this on the brainwash box, but for some reason they want everyone paying attention to Jodi Arias. I would say this is something major, and God forbid this junk ends up at the jamboree.

      As far as the jamboree goes, I think to make sure it stays “safe” the parents need to demand that these agencies take their “drills” to a private location away from the kids and practice amongst themselves (like, FAR away from the jamboree). They can use their “crisis actors” and practice their drills AWAY from the public- the false flag crap needs to stop, like yesterday.


    • Caleb says:

      I truly enjoy examining on this internet site, it holds superb posts. “A short saying oft contains much wisdom.” by Sophocles.

  25. Glenn Geronimo says:

    Thanks for the insight. I agree that with a time table for spreading out of the Truth, regarding yet another False Flag event, they would have no choice, but to “stand down” But, if I had a child that was going to go there, I would decline. The “Insanity” of the Government seems to be picking up speed? So the possibility of it still happening exists. They may blame it on “IRAN” is some S.N.A.F.U., way? :-/

  26. Glenn Geronimo says:

    F.Y.I., I thought you may want to see this site I happened to find after the Boston False Flag.


  27. I think it’s important to add another possible component to this potential threat. Look into “Patrol Z”, which is some kind of youth reporter program within scouting. I’m curious how these young reporters are instructed. I’m also curious what the “Z” stands for or represents.

    To me, this seems like a perfect means to indoctrinate the next generation of journalists and at minimum should be scrutinized in case it was formed for more immediate, nefarious purposes.

  28. Bob says:

    Not knowing the veracity of the information presented in this article warning of a false flag terror incident at the 2013 Jamboree, I decided to go ahead and forward the link to more than 10 Scoutmasters in California whose info. could be searched on the www.

    This seems like a good way to get the message out. And if there is any truth to the story, save lives.

    • Good call, Bob. I think the jamboree will be fine now. I don’t see how they can go forward with all of the exposure.

      • lisa says:

        did you research the reasoning why they chose that site for the boy scouts? multiple newspaper reports about it, to the point of who the hell cared. no, there aren’t a lot of highways in that area, that is why there is such a large amount of land. also, another inaccuracy i found was that this is the first year held at this location. sorry, this is the second year. i also remember from one of the newspaper articles that the bsa chose that site.

  29. elfmom55 says:

    Wow, I read this a couple days ago and sent it out via e-mail and posted it on Planetinfowars page. Now tonite I just got done watching a Brasscheck video called “The Underground/the strange life if Phil Schneider” and whatayaknow?

    Bechtel builds underground cities along with all their other nefarious activites. The 1 hr. 20 min. video was well worth my time. People better keep their kids away from that place!

    • I’m told on the side that the Summit of this jamboree has an underground base…

      • Jeremiah Medina says:

        I live in Bradley, West Virginia. Less than 5 miles from Mount Hope. I noticed military helicopters increasing the past week. Also the Mount Hope fire department had to sign a weaver just to get on boy scout base. I think something may happen. How should i prepare myself? And what would the radius be of an attack of this size?

        • I think you’re in a great position to give us info of whatever happens. I’d have my camera ready.

          • Concerned Citizen says:

            I live in Prosperity just above Bradley, WV. For the past few months we have been seeing numerous military personnel and vehicles in the area. Black Hawks have started flying overhead the past few days and its been said that they have underground bunkers built at the camp. Not sure if this is true or not but supposedly FEMA has a mobile morgue there that can hold hundreds of bodies. A friend of the family decided to take a drive over there to see what progress had been made and he was met with armed guards that said he wasn’t allowed on the property. Wake up people!!! Something is definitely not right….

          • Exactly, so the question is why is there martial law? Why were seven entire counties put under a State of Emergency? Why is there a morgue prepared for mass casualties? I could ask more questions. Thank you, Concerned Citizen.

  30. ML says:
  31. ruby says:

    Even though I’m not from Nevada, I plan on supporting you in my own way, we all should. One state at a time, congressional district, until eventually, Mr. VanDerBeek here is not alone, crying out like a wolf in the wilderness, but he’ll have like minded individuals taking back their government on all levels who are speaking the truth and pointing out the insanity of our situation with each and freedom lost.

    It’s clearer darker than any of us could have imagined previously but here it is, the “Revolution” is upon us. How can we not speak up anymore?
    Thanks for your refreshing and inspiring viewpoints and statements. I wish you much success. You fight for Nevada today, for the world, tomorrow.

  32. Leslie says:

    Gods Grace and Peace. Thanks for bringing this issue to light, I live in Mt Hope and wondered what the Military was so interested in the boy scouts, my suspicions are evidently accurate tho I pray this will not happen.

  33. Amerikagulag says:

    Knowing this information, (if it’s true) it would behoove all involved scouts and their leaders and parents to simply STAY HOME and let the false-flaggers have their little picnic. I don’t know why you would continue with such an event involving kids knowing full well that a threat such as this exists. Are you CRAZY! Cancel the thing! Organize between yourselves and boycott.

    Imagine if they threw a false flag – and nobody came!

  34. Becky says:

    They need to move the Jamboree to Texas.

  35. jane says:

    my sister just brought this matter to my attention. my 16 year old nephew is new to the venture’s crew and was invited to go to the jamboree on scholarship. we were really excited about it and looking forward to. but i was told that once we committed, we could not back out. there’s no way in hell i can send him now. i’m at a loss to know what to do. the trip is 1200.00 which i could never have afforded. i’m very distressed. if we cancel, i know he will be made fun of or even ostracized. i’m a little stunned and i don’t know what to think. but if there’s any chance of injury to him, he won’t be going…. i’m not even sure how to break to the news to his crew leaders as they’re obama fans and will think we’re nuts. i’m bitterly disappointed.

    • jane says:

      i have a healthy mistrust of government and this administration in particular. but this accusation threatened the safety of my kid so i sent your video to the local scouts and received the following info: the site of the jamboree was moved because the ACLU threatened to the sue the government for allowing an event by a “faith based” group on federal military property. in addition to that, i did find a scouting blog and a post from 2010 indicating that the military base normally used for the Jamboree informed the BSA that the base would not be available for the 2013 jamboree. i was also told that the bechtel family does not own the land but rather donated the money to the BSA to purchase it for the purpose of making a permanent home for future jamborees. the land is owned by a subsidiary of the BSA but is named for the bechtels because they donated the money for its purchase. so the land was not the property of the Bechtel family nor is it now. the national guard will be present as military aid (replacing the military presence at the previous locations) and i was told that the government cannot hold any drills of any kind without the express permission of BSA which it has not requested nor has any been given. in any event, i do hope your video makes thru all of the ranks of BSA prior to the jamboree. still, i do not understand why this was not sent to the BSA instead of just being posted here.

      • The BSA has the information. If the leaders of BSA care, they will follow up on it. How did you conclude it was never sent to them? This nation is asleep. They don’t believe their government capable of 9/11, USS Liberty, the Boston Bombing, etc. So, as a leader, I received a source, I put my name on it and put it out.

        • jane says:

          no need to be defensive with me. as far as i’m concerned, we’ve been at the mercy of a government full of King George’s for the entirety of my adult life. i don’t trust any of them. we have a president unwilling to protect us from our enemies – foreign or domestic, enough scandal to make nixon and even clinton look like JFK. and our trusted news organizations are little more than political idealogs who keep us too busy worrying about lindsay lohan and whatever’s going on with britains little lord fontleroi, etc. so i have no trust of my government. if you have sent this info the BSA then hopefully all will be well. i can understand how they could not go public with the info as they’d not want to panic the legion of scouts and their families who have paid a goodly sum of money to attend. its just that i’m being badgered by his crew who are very disappointed at the prospect of him not attending after having gone to so much trouble to make it possible for him. in short, this information does affect me on a personal level and i am in quite a quandary as to whether or not to let him go.

      • john says:

        and you believe the Boston Marathon gave permission for the fake bombing?

        • I think there was a real bombing at the Boston Marathon carried out by the FBI.

          • Paul says:

            Someone posted this article on a Facebook page I do for WV…I deleted it.
            I don’t mind caution, but obviously you’ve gone insane.

            Why would America kill it’s own people with germs, prior to killing off the rest of the world first, so there was at least someone to defend as the killing occurs.

          • It’s called false flag terrorism. It is used throughout history by governments. You think I’m insane because you’re ignorant.

  36. me says:

    I’m not a Boy Scout…but I am skeptical of our Government. With that said you never gave a date. Wiki says it’s July 15, 2013 –July 24, 2013.

    Can I assume that’s correct?

    Next time know your audience.

  37. Leslie says:

    Gods Grace and Peace. I’m from Mt Hope,WV and thank you for getting this info out, I pray this can be avoided.

  38. Pamela Hauptmann says:

    Dear God! Thank you Sir. I have never heard of you before this. I reviewed your platform and I am thoroughly delighted and impressed. Actually I am grateful. I am grateful that you have the courage to tell the truth.

    Thank you for the insight and the warning on the Boy Scout Jamboree. This sounds perfectly logical given this (occupied) administrations track record. I will spread this out far and wide.

    One last word… If you don’t have success in Nevada Please come to Tennessee! We would welcome you with open arms!

    Best to you SIr. May God Bless you and yours!

    Heartfelt Regards,

    Pamela Hauptmann

    • Thank you, Pamela.

      • I’ve done some further investigating which you may find interesting. FEMA has given out over $4.6 million to emergency responders in WV, with 45.5% of this money going to fire departments within 100 miles of Mount Hope.

        On the day of Sandy Hook (12/14/12) FEMA awarded $459,906.00 to the Teays Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Scott Depot, WV, just 70 miles from the site of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. FEMA’s website stated this grant was for “hiring” (even though it’s a volunteer fire department).

        Even more astounding, the biggest handout went to the town of Rhodell, which is located just 28 miles from Mount Hope. In spite of having a population of just 173 (no, that’s not a typo), FEMA decided that this little village was entitled to a $965,000 grant for the purchase of new equipment. That’s a mind-blowing $5,578 for every man, woman, and child in Rhodell.

        False flag events cost money, and it appears that this money may be coming from FEMA’s AFG and SAFER grant programs. Just my two cents.

        For anyone who’s interested, I’ve managed to trace FEMA’s “money trail” in WV, and have uncovered several other anomalies which suggest that Mr. VanDerBeek may have stumbled onto something big


        • Michael Holshouser says:

          As Chief of the fire department of Rhodell, I ca assure you that the million dollar grant was not just for Rhodell. I am the one who wrote, and distributed the grant. It was for all 14 fire departments in Raleigh County WV and it was for radio equipment for the WV SIRN system. I stumbled upon this web site from a link from a 911 dispatcher in our county. We are in the dark about anything that could happen in the summit. This really concerns me because our county is not ready for anything like this.

  39. Dan says:

    Hey David, How hard is it going up against the powers that be in Nevada? Sheldon Adelson probably has you on his radar. You are doing a smart thing by initiating a pre-emptive strike and outing a potential false flag. This is exactly what’s needed. You should contact Jeff Rense on his website and also contact the Canadian media somehow. They would welcome your perspective and help spread the word as well.

    • Well, the powers that be in Nevada are coming over to my view of reality and my view is based on the people’s view. I’ll visit with Adelson at some point.

      • eddie says:

        Wow – I am amazed , and you are a real person .. this is real .. Ya they think the NWO elite are not capable of this ..but a few mad men with box cutters are .. I do not even call the government the government any more !! People like you are the next real leaders when the imposters are locked away ! You have my up most respect SIR !!!

    • Emma says:

      Im grateful for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

  40. visit site says:

    An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  41. jaki[HUN] says:

    Hi, David

    It is very suspicious for me that you post this on your own website. How can we know it is true and not a disinformation? Do you think ‘they’ let you spread their plan across people? How can we believe this?

    • I live without fear. Someone has to stand up and lead this nation. If no one else will, then I’ll do it until a better leader appears so I can step aside. Thank you, Jaki!

      • A great service. For the background to this kind of event readers may find my book on the bakground to synthetic terror extremely useful. It is the story of Gladio, the NATO sponsored secret armies that ran amok in Europe in the 60′s to the 80′s, bombings, murders, ‘terror’ attacks of all kinds attributed to sleeping cells of Left wingers. TheGladio blueprint is now clearly visible in the United States, and of course again in Europe, in Stockholm at the moment and previously the terrible killings in Norway.
        The book argues, in line with the apparently intended atrocity in Nevada, that false flag terror is sculpted to school public opinion in a direction that officialdom plans in advance. The more the knowledge about the Gladio work script spreads, the better. The boook is GLADIO and it comes from the Progressive Press stable in California.
        Richard Cottrell (author) former Conservative European parliamentarian.

        • Thank you, Richard! I would love to visit with you some time about your experiences. Feel free to email me some contact information and I’ll return mine: david@nevadagovernor2014.com. I posted a documentary here at my site about Operation Gladio after the Boston bombing.

        • jaki[HUN] says:

          Dear Richard!

          The fermentations in North Europe is not about False Flag terrorism. It is about migration problem from the third world to liberal democracies like Sweeden, Norway. It is the same problem like in the USA. Breivik’s terror was against foreign immigrants. I think It is a social problem, laws in these countries are too permissive they let immigrants inside who are not able to assimilate. Problem is the same with gipsies in Hungary and other eastern europian countries.

      • Natalie says:

        It is a nicely put together concept and shall be appreciated for that. Thank you for explaining what needed to be noted.

  42. meditate says:

    the image of the new location is really creepy! on the left of center going upwards, with little or no imagination you can see a phallic image merging into an evil looking face created by the ‘roads’….? and this is the year when gays are openly admitted into the Scouts? is this weird or what? the description of the drill sounds like the culmination of all that zombie prepping that’s been going on in the media, cdc, drills, school projects, etc……. yuck! are the zombies going live?

  43. Jake says:

    The fact any of us are even having this discussion about a government institution is sickening. STAND UP people. We are just as responsible if we stand by and let evil have its place in this country.

  44. RR Woodward says:

    Is AT&T involved? Is a first responder landing site available? Is housing being developed for containment in the form of a FEMA camp? Which compny is providing foo…GMO owned?

  45. DevotedDad says:

    Has anyone reached out to the members of the Boy Scouts?

  46. elizabeth says:

    The Scouts has been a huge money laundering cash business from the start. Who knows what other dirty secrets are going to come out (besides the pedophilia/homosexual abuse stories that we are already aware for several years)?
    The very first scout meeting I took my young daughter in the early ’90s – something felt fishy right away. All they talked about was selling stuff and making money. After 5 minutes I walked out, never to let my daughter be a part of that organization. Turns out, my intuition served me well.

  47. Time to call out the militia, Governor!

    Militia Roll (Μολὼν λαβέ)
    This is a list of some the state militias represented here.
    We will endeavor to update this list as new member pages are located.
    Some links may not work if the user has disabled their Facebook account.
    Click any link to find a unit in your area:

    Alaska~North Slope Militia

    Arizona Militia

    Arkansas Militia

    Foothills Militia~Ohio

    Louisiana Militia

    Illinois Cavalry

    Michigan Militia

    West Central Michigan Militia

    Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines

    Dccm Militia~Michigan

    Lancaster County Nebraska Militia

    North Carolina Patriots

    Ohio Frontiersmen

    Utah Lightfoot Militia

    Missouri Militia~Missouri Watchman

    Southeast Missouri Citizens Militia

    Southern Nevada Militia

    Pennsylvania~Wolfpack Militia

    Southern Nevada Greys

    Kitsap County Washington Militia

    Western Oklahoma Militia

    Houston Militia~Texas Militia

    Washington State Militia

    Dallas City Troop

    Texas-Militia Headquarters

    Texas Militia Houston East Region

    Texas Militia Dallas

    Texas Militia Pearland

    Texas Militia Nacogdoches

    Texas Militia Houston

    Texas-Militia Austin

    Texas-Militia Waco

    Texas Militia Lufkin

    Texas Militia San Antonio

    Texas State Militia

    Texas State Militia – Hill Country Hellcats
    Texas Hill Country, Comfort, TX

    Texas State Militia – Alamo Platoon

    Tomball Militia

    Conroe Militia

    If you wish to be included in this list, contact me with a link to both your Facebook pages and/or groups and websites. Be sure to add the http:// prefix to all links.

  48. Mrs.Mater says:

    Thank You for this information. I live about 20 miles from where this will take place, which in the wild and wonderful state of Wv that is not far. People do not understand the terrian here, most places it is one to two ways in or out. we’re commoners, that really dont have the fears, if I may, of the rest of the country. We are country no worries of the real world in which we live. West Virginia is maybe the poorest state,money wise,educational wise, etc, but we are who we are, which again the government is to blame. I am not sure what kind of Government we have today. To do such “test” “drills” etc on the people of american is undignified, unethencial. Our Government needs shut down, reconstructed, they are wrong with their B.S. To bad its no longer “WE THE PEOPLE” we the people wouldnt “need” such “drills” We the People” would be able to handle such nonsense if it really happened! What is so bothersome is how our government makes every one of their “drill” so secretive, and blame terrorist, who they themselves are the “REAL TERRORIST” our Government, very sad when we get so brain washed by our leaders, who are really deceivers!

  49. Very nice post. I absolutely appreciate this site.
    Stick with it!

  50. Conley Lowrance says:

    Sir, I would like to extend my personal thanks to you. I am a 16 year old boy in Virginia and I am a Life Scout. I was planning on attending Jamboree…until now. Contrary to the majority of 16 year olds in our society, I am very involved in politics. The majority of my conversations with friends and family relate to politics. I identify myself as a libertarian (not the party, the ideology. I do not see the point in identifying with a party. You should be elected for what you plan to accomplish during your term, not because of the party you belong to). Anyways, I am also “enlightened” on the criminal elements of our government, false flags, and the ever more possible theory of a group of globalist elite planning a New World Order. I am in full agreeance with you on the amount of red flags popping up in the information you have presented. I have contacted the Boy Scouts of America directly on this matter, have addressed it with my fellow scouts (especially the ones attending Jamboree), and briefly brought it to the attention of my Scoutmaster. I strongly hope nothing happens, but if it does at least we’ve saved some lives. I have revoked my registration for Jamboree and told my parents why. They do not seem to agree with the reasoning, but they allowed me to cancel. I hope I do not see a news report proving me correct, but if we do that just increases the credibility of us “conspiracy theorists.” I have also made a private (only i can see it) facebook post addressing the possibility of a false flag attack. In the event of a drill going live I plan to make the post public, and spread the link to that post, and your information here so that people can see that we knew beforehand and that THIS WAS PLANNED.

    I thank you for your bravery, your strength, and your compassion for

    • Well, I don’t see how they can go forward. For me, even without the martial law and false flag drill, I would not attend because it is being held at the Bechtel family reserve. They are a disgrace to America. I don’t think there can be a false flag at this point. However, there is martial law there. I have been getting calls from a Mt. Hope local updating me on all the military activity. They are planning on leveling the area during the Jamboree. They found my info by trying to find out what the military was doing there. The military has established a “base.” So, they could go forward with some operation, but I think the chance of that is probably 1%. It would be very foolish for them to stage a false flag as this info has gone viral. I salute you, Conley. Please run for office when you get a bit older.

  51. Michael Doherty says:

    References and links to this, and related pages and links, which strike me as quite plausible, are being removed from the camp’s Facebook page, as far as I can tell.

  52. Michael Doherty says:

    Did you know the very first National Jamboree, which was in Washington, to celebrate 25 years of scouting, was cancelled due to an epidemic of polio in the city? Food for thought.

  53. Isaac says:

    I am from the area and have been to the “Summit” many times. The roads are very wide and high quality gravel, you can easily go 45 if you pay attention, probably more. There is first rate cell service all throughout the Summit. It is less than 10 minutes from highway 19, which is as big as an interstate. There are 4 hospitals within a 20 minute drive, many more within an hour. This area is very used to holding huge events in much smaller places (bridge day) and all the local EMS and police are well trained. I am in the Army reserve, and the National guard is led by very bright individuals here. The stupidity of using a germ or any airborne pathogen in an area such as this is astounding. It would be a total waste of everyone’s time, because of the very sparsely populated area that is covered with vegetation. The percentage of West Virginians who conceal carry is astounding, and if mischief goes on, they will be caught and held for authorities before they even get started. There is no way someone would be dumb enough to attack this when they could attack a city and get a million people in one fell swoop. From what I am hearing from my friends who work there, attendance is capped at 50000 or so anyways. Someone needs to get a life and stop trying to make stuff up to get national attention.

    • Facts: I was contacted by a military whistle blower. I am a public leader. I passed the information on while protecting my source. The people in the area are scared. The governor has signed an executive order for martial law. Bottomline: I’ve done my duty as a leader and you are very ignorant person of politics if you think this was to get attention for my political career. This hurt me politically, because I have prevented a disaster so when nothing happens due to the cancelling of the drill then I will be ridiculed. I also stopped another drill you can google because FEMA had to cancel it. That is a fact. Google: Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Drill Exercise. It was to be held in Moscow, ID in April. I exposed it and it was cancelled. You may know the summit, but you don’t know politics. You have your freedom of speech to troll here one time, “Isaac.”

  54. Jules says:

    This is like having a Jamboree at Philmont – way up in the Rocky mountains of NM, near Cimarron. About as rough and off-the-beaten-path as you can get. This would be an emergency logistics nightmare. “Village” areas are cleared of trees, but will be filled with tents (no easy air-evac heli access). Roads are narrow, winding, tree-covered dirt = slow ground evac’s. They picked a perfect place for 3C & keeping media out, while killing off our future MORAL & FAMILY-oriented leaders. Be prepared!

    The nearby “emergency training drill” that will be taking place one day after the jamboree starts and, get this, just 25 miles away down a state highway – is just like at Sandy Hook.


    We know that an event to trigger regional or national lockdown is what’s required. Hopefully if enough people become aware of this, if somebody really IS planning a “coincidental event”, then maybe they’ll postpone it.

    -a fellow Eagle

    (who, along with several thousand of my brothers, will have something to say if any of these are harmed)

  55. Curenado says:

    Excellent article ~ I think that it is better just not to take chances and enemies domestic and foreign would like to take out our Boy Scouts just as much as they would any other person that would be opposed to their agenda and have any kind of skills or character to stand for higher human values. People have disrespected the boy scouts and chosen poorly in doing so. One boyscout is worth a number of regular people in any pinch and guess who knows that? The same guy that makes hitler look like a fairy princess and hates boy scouts that’s who ~

  56. Curenado says:

    Hate to double post, but I was (am, private now) in Emerging Infectious Diseases and have a “cookbook” I keep adding to for plagues and toxins in people and animals. That is distributed FOC to Boy Scouts, monks and people who ask, we ask if there is anything they can throw our animal sanctuary unless they already are doing benefit work…we still have a good grip on almost everything out there, but it does keep getting worse. Maybe this post should be back screen and feel free to give the email to any preparers. I have two farms and a food circle as well as our medical to watch, but I would go “show&tell” to places where people were interested. My work was focused on strategies and remedies most “every man” could get his hands on and prepare – that is kind of why I think maybe this post is more for the Governor than public. I have been trying to lay quiet…..

  57. sr says:

    there have been reports of military aircraft (19 cargo planes) flying over the borders of NC/Tenn/Va . The people reporting are saying that the planes are flying very low and dropping unidentified items in wooded areas.

  58. Jessie Liehr says:

    February 21st, 2011 at 9:17 am

  59. Nathanial Brown says:

    “Others answered questions about safety. More than 1200 National Guard members will be on site as well as state police, local police, and the Fayette County Office of Emergency Management Services, among others.”

    “Patrick said the group was ready for any medical emergency.

    “We have about 800 medical staff volunteering to be here. The head of our medical department is the chief of cardiac surgery at UCLA Medical Center,” he said.

    “If a scout gets sick or injured, he’ll have better care than almost anywhere else in the country.””


  60. David says:

    Let me make an educated guess that we will see Martial Law by sundown EST on Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Watch for MAJOR disruption between the morning of July 4th and end of day July 10th. I cannot say more than that…

  61. Joseph James says:

    God Bless you sir for your efforts in reducing the chances of them going live. My prayers are for the safety of all in this country…whats left of it…

  62. mdarby says:

    This is the biggest bunch of hogwash I have ever read! The Jamboree was moved from Fort A.P. HIll because of the terror attack at Fort Hood in Texas. It was decided that having these scouts on an active military base was no longer a safe or appropriate choice. They then began a search that included 30 states and finally chose the site in WV for reasons too numerous to mention here. The assertion that there will be limited or no cell phone service is false. AT&T has installed several 4g towers all around the site and the reception there is great. There are at least three roads going into The Summit not just one. I could go on refuting David’s ridiculous assertions but I will stop here. Suffice it to say that David VanDerBeek is a monumental fraud and kook and I am sure his “sources” are as well.

    • Well, you’re wrong about the drill not being planned.

      • Michael Doherty says:

        Sir, are you aware that in addition to the executive order issued by Governor Tomblin (I presume you refer to Executive Order 1-12, issued in February 2012 in respect to the run up to this event) a proclamation of a state of emergency was unceremonially issued in nine counties of southern West Virginia on the 28th of June? The provisions of Chapter 15, Article 5, Section 6 of the state code being enacted as part of this, despite, as far as it would seem, such provisions only be in place for natural disaster, or the iminent threat of natural disaster or terrorism. Struck me as a little odd to enact such provisions in reference to a social event.

    • becky says:

      I tried to comment a month ago along the same line as mdarby and the comment never appeared. If nothing happens David Vanderbeek will claim that HE kept anything from happening by putting it out there. Idiot.

  63. D Martinez says:

    Martinez posted this: Is Peachtree mile 2.5 next?

    Part 3 Abeldanger talks about Peachtree July 4 event (of course – patriotic)….



  64. Linda Schmitt says:

    Though not sure of the credibility of this treat I did spread the news to my contacts because my son is going to Jamboree as are his friends (of whom I was their Den Leader years ago). I also contacted state & federal political leadership. No replies yet. I contacted the scouts by phone and email twice and have not yet secured a reply or comment. In contacting media I did get a reply from my favorite conservative radio station WBEN. Producer/On air personality, Tom Pucket, got back to me and said that he has talked to a source and that there is NO credibility to this threat.

  65. Congrats to Chelsea!

  66. Bill Otinger says:

    BECTEL are in Birmingham Alabama they do not own a Hammer they are the BIGGEST CoNTRACTORS in the World, they Sub contract everything

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  67. Bill Otinger says:

    Bectel is the Biggest Contractor in the World they do not own a Hammer they Sub out

  68. Linda Schmitt says:

    This is the reply that I received from the Jamboree folks:

    There is no truth to these allegations. The Summit is private property owned by
    BSA. Any military operations on site are at the request of the BSA in support of
    the Jamboree. We have a robust safety and security plan in place with
    cooperation from local. state and federal officials. Refer to the Summit
    Director’s blog for additional information on this topic.

    This coupled with the reassurance that I got from Tom Puckett at WBEN that his sources consider this to be a hoax, means that I feel relatively comfortable sending my son to Jambo on Sunday.

    • The whole reason I exposed the drill was so that you could be safe sending your son. How can they hold the drill now knowing that I’ve “let the cat out of the bag”? Of course, when there is no drill no one will give me credit. I’m okay with people remaining naive and safe knowing that I’ve done my duty to protect these scouts from our out of control government.Thank you, Linda!

      • Kevin says:

        This is an uncanny and tenuous accusation that exclusively received too much attention in your efforts to campaign as governor!

        To downplay this rubbish by stating, “how can they hold the drill now knowing that I’ve ‘let the cat out of the bag’?” is certainly not going to render credit from me for “foiling” this ‘government’ attack. You’ve only discredited yourself with your constituents from this and previous “false flag” theories.

  69. laura goerke says:

    the land being used by the Jamboree is owned by the BSA. They can no longer use the land in Fort AP Hill as it is owned by the military.
    Many people objected to the BSA used military land because
    1 The scouts promise to be reverent and Do their Duty to God
    2. Up until this year NO GAYS ALLOWED.
    People felt that this was discriminatory and the military allows openly gay service members so why should they allow a group to use the property that was perceived as discriminatory. In May 2013 BSA changed their policy. Any boy can be in scouting regardless of sexual orientation. NO OPENLY GAY LEADERS. Some still feel that this is too limited and discriminates .
    3. It also cost us the taxpayers $$$ when someone else uses military land

  70. Paramedic says:

    As a Paramedic working for local EMS during the event I can let you know we have this covered. Without giving much info there will be three separate helicopter companies to evacuate, as we are used to due to here in WV. This is normal for us anyway on severe trauma’s and some other calls when we are further than 20 min from an appropriate Emergency room. We are also used to working in the mountains and woods, this is the type of location we are used to working in everyday and our ambulances and operators are used to offroad. We will also have dedicated crews with special training set in key locations around the event, along with area hospitals having dedicated areas for the scouts. We have this covered.

    • I’m glad to hear it. Everything should go great at the Jamboree. What I’m talking about here is government staged false flag terrorism. That cannot be stopped simply by standing by ready to respond. It’s stopped by being exposed ahead of time that elements in our government gain from terrorist attacks which they perpetrate on naive Americans. It’s world history…

  71. Molecule67 says:

    David Lory VanDerBeek, You do understand that Virginia and West Virginia are two totally different states, Right? so how does the governor of WV authorize anything in the totally different state of VA??? Can you clarify this? What about the governor of the state of Virginia, what has he done about the scouting event??

    “Governor Earl Ray Tomblin of West Virginia has signed an executive order giving DHS, FEMA, and the national guard martial law police power over the event.”

  72. Shawn Bandy says:

    U need to get your facts straight the national guard is exactly 5 min away an us ft 19 is two min away and the river that surrounds this is the new river gorge there is no way anybody could scale that terrain it is 900′,of straight up an down cliffs

  73. Cody graham says:

    I wish they didn’t cancel that zombie UFO crash, that one would’ve been interesting, this is fake and stupid, you will never be a governor or anything of political relevance. You are completely out of line.

  74. Sarah says:

    I am a Fayette County, WV resident. I am very bitter about the Jamboree being in my home town for reasons similar to this one. Some people didn’t even know we were a separate state from Virginia and that was fine by us. We liked flying under the radar, once again, for reasons similar to this. Even in FEMA doesn’t do it this year, the worldwide Jamboree is in a few years. Something big will eventually happen. Not just to the scouts but to the locals. I now fear for my children (whom do not participate in the Boy Scouts). It is a scary world we live in.

  75. WW says:

    ..they have had minor “outbreaks’ before at Philmont, canteens with Listerea, Cholera, and Typhus. The manuals
    the leaders get covers what they can bring in and what Philmont personal can do. If a leader walked in with an official
    DOD ‘biowarfare document” ..there are some leaders (prior service and active service people)…who would “know the
    drill”.. but the local leadership might not listen to them. Bechtel IS CIA boys and girls. …and AREA51 is right down the road apiece…right Governor Vanderbeek? WW

  76. Susanna says:

    Very good info. Lucky me I ran across your
    blog by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

  77. Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is wonderful, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about Nevada Governor David Lory VanDerBeek .

  78. Corey Huffman says:

    now this is a real “leader of the free world”!! thank you David Lory VanDerBeek!!

  79. I am glad that someone is exposing these “false-flag” drills BEFORE they happen.

    As I was reflecting on the recent “deploying ‘harmless’ gas into subway in terror response drill” held recently in NYC, my wife responded: “Can we no longer afford lab rats”? When did we agree to become the government’s “test monkeys” (Referring to the sending of test monkeys into space)?

    I agree.

    When did we, the people, give our consent to participate in all these phony terrorism drills?

  80. Kevin says:

    When my daughter told me about your false flag waving I had to see for myself. Amazing…simply amazing. Having recently retired from the fire service after 22 years, I find your efforts of creating “terror” here a crime against the citizens of West Virginia as well as scouting in general. Saying that you, and you alone, have foiled an attempt to injure or kill 50,000 actually made me laugh…a good “belly-laugh” too, so for that I thank you! Your “secret military source” has really gotten one on you, and unfortunately caused a pretty good stink in the process. I think I would look for another source cause that one got one on you. You might want to get a source with at least one stripe on their sleeve.

    Your comments about our roads and such are totally wrong. For example, RT 301 adjoining Fort Hill is not unlike our RT 19 which handles approximately 24,000 vehicles a day. Not bad for a country road. RT 19 connects directly to the road leading to the Summit. Not to mention that RT 19 joins I-77 & I-64 which handle approximately 30,000 and 15,000 vehicles per day respectively. A pretty good infrastructure wouldn’t you say?

    As far as the communication and cellphone service at the Summit, 17 cell towers were erected to provide communication for the scouts and staff. A pretty good infrastructure wouldn’t you say?

    Military drills are conducted in West Virginia on a regular basis. My former fire department participated in many drills conducted at “The Tunnel” just off the West Virginia Turnpike. This top notch facility provides numerous scenarios for various agencies from the military, government as well as other nations. There’s even one going on now as the jamboree is holding their opening ceremony. But I wouldn’t worry, the tunnel is 60+ miles away from the Summit. And I’ve even heard of another drill going on by the military. But wait, that’s in Preston County near Morgantown…but that’s 156 miles from the Summit. When I attended the 1973 Jamboree in Pennsylvania (yes I am an Eagle Scout / Order of The Arrow), the military had a large presence. They helped provide medical services along with taking on numerous other tasks (even hauling trash) in order to make our experience a safe and enjoyable one…not unlike here at the Summit.

    You mentioned “If there is an emergency near the summit, how are you going to see the people?” & “Setting aside all terrorism, there are so many safety reasons why you would, for the past thirty years, put the jamboree on a military base and not on some reserve such as this.” I say, why would you expose the scouts to the potential target of a military base? Why wouldn’t want to remove your child from the potential threat of an attack on Fort A.P. Hill? Thank goodness the BSA decided back in 1938 to accept the generous offer from Waite Phillips to establish what has become the Philmont Scout Ranch in the rugged New Mexico territory instead of…let’s say the Pearl Harbor Scout Ranch.

    It appears to me that you have a personal conflict with the Bechtel family and you are using this “secret military source” as an attempt to harm the Bechtel’s. They donated the $50 million to the scouts. The Bechtel family owns not one tree at the Summit. The scouts looked at many different sites in the United States before deciding on the Summit. Millions more have been donated by businesses, coal companies, and others that wanted to see tens of thousands of scouts have a safe and enjoyable place to have their jamboree.

    In reading all of the other comments from those that are not attending because of the “terror” that you have instilled in them and their parents, I’m sorry those scouts won’t be able to say “I attended the first “jambo” at the Summit.”

    Before waving the flag of possible governmental terror, you might want to check your facts and do a little research. By the way, you did not receive 49,000 votes. You received 48,792 votes. While 208 votes may not seem like a big thing to you, I see it as a political lie. One that a “politician” can say, “Well, that’s close”. Not unlike this “false flag” nonsense. In looking at the official votes, http://www.silverstateelection.com/USSenate/, you were only 3,516 votes away from being beat by what basically boils down to “None Of The Above”. You may want to stick to the family therapy thing and save your next $650 expenditures for your election for your children’s educations.

    • So you worship the government and believe whatever they tell you. I get it. As far as your “facts,” I have other locals saying quite different things, but you’re entitled to your views.

      • Kevin says:

        No David, I don’t worship the government. I worship our Lord, Jesus Christ…period. I don’t have to follow other gods or teachings to give me what I need in this life in order to prepare me for life eternal.
        In looking at the above comments of other locals, all I see are some of our local people that you have instilled a sense of fear from your terrorist threats of impending doom from the government. Not a one has stated that they worked at the Summit and have seen firsthand ANYTHING other than a few helicopters flying around, which is not uncommon in this area as there are those that try and use the cover of our beautiful forests and rugged, mountainous terrain to grow marijuana. Various agencies, state and local, use helicopters to locate and eradicate these plots. Yet you tell me “I have other locals saying quite different things,”. What did they say other than there’s a few helicopters flying around? Nothing. Your “local sources” fall in line with your “secret military whistleblower”.
        Each and every time before I issued a citation or I went to court to prosecute an individual, I made sure my FACTS and my witnesses are in order before I would proceed. Not unlike one of your bloggers apparently attributing Chief Holshouser’s hard work in obtaining money for radios for our entire county as part of the overall governmental plot (in conjunction with Teay’s Valley VFD [nearly 100 miles away in a different county] since they also got a FEMA grant as well). The FACTS were ignored.
        Your “secret military whistleblower” has failed to confirm their facts before exposing them to you and made you look like “Chicken Little”. And that’s a shame. For who knows, someday you may stumble onto something that really may be true, however, between incidents such as this one and the “zombie drill” you will be looked at as one to be ignored. I liken this to the fury of the various media agencies that will sacrifice the truth in order to be the first one to report a story. I for one would rather hear the whole truth hours or even days after something has happened in lieu of hearing a bunch of gibberish with half-truths and speculations in order to be the first to report or expose something.
        Young man, it would be my advice to confirm not only your source, but also the information from your source. By not doing something as simple as verifying the information you received, there are probably some of my friends and fellow West Virginian’s scared to go to the store for a gallon of milk because of your accusations; there are definitely young men and women that will not be able to enjoy what 50,000 are enjoying right now and will go home…safe and sound. If you are so afraid of the potential of some governmental plot (such as you actually believing the FBI carried out the Boston Marathon bombing…really?) then don’t take your children to a baseball or football game; don’t take them to an amusement park; don’t buy your groceries from your local grocery store; don’t go to your mall; for just as you supposedly exposed this plot to kill and injure 50,000 innocent Boy Scouts, there MIGHT be a governmental plot to poison food from your grocery store chain or release a biological agent at a sporting event or amusement park that you may NOT find out about. You need to concern yourself with Nevada and leave the rest of our nation, especially West Virginia, alone.

  81. kp says:
  82. O says:

    Wild wing nut leftist here.

    Thanks for publishing this information, David.

    From my side of the fence, I think it is bloody infuriating that the next generation of Scouts has to grow up with AT&T stadium and the Consol Energy Bridge, and Lord knows what else other references to products and services.

    Remember when we used to name bridges after great men and women?

    Even in the absence of a terror strike, false flag, or bumble bee sting, it is still a sad day for scouting.

  83. susieQ says:

    How do you people expect FEMA, National Guard, etc. to learn how to respond to a REAL event properly if they don’t do a simulation? It’s called disaster training. We do it at my place of work once a year, and is required. We train on what to do if there is a weather emergency or if there is a pandemic or whatever. Just being practical.

    This doesn’t mean we are being taken over or they are training for martial law or practicing for a chemical attack just so Americans can be detained or whatever. It is so they can prevent loss of life and evacuate quickly. I really like how some people twist everything around and make it evil. And no I am not naive but geez, get a grip on reality.

  84. concerned single mother of two young children says:

    I’ve lived in WV for the greater part of my life. I’ve also been in the military. To hear, see, & try to wrap my mind around all the chaos is so surreal. If any of this does take place, I guess no one in the US is safe, but a lot of us locals don’t feel good about everything. We’ve all talked about the possibilities, & are uneasy. If we could all just relocate, we would. But if it is to get spread across the country, it would be pointless. So much just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense. & I now had seen a picture on fb someone took at the beginning of the week. Over 5,000 biodegradable vaults are sitting at a funeral home in Beckley (within minutes from the BSJ). Please regardless of your opinions, keep this state in prayer, the boy scouts fam & entire staff/volunteers, local emergency assistance, this country, & our representatives that are making the decisions for our nation. I pray for our children to have a bright future. ‘One nation, under God, indivisible. With liberty, justice, one, for all.

  85. concerned single mother of two young children says:

    Now A-10′s are being used for these ‘drills’. I’m a vet. Navy, Aircrew. I don’t speak for everyone, but yes there are MANY that have the same feeling about all of this as I do. Even if (& hoping & praying nothing does happen now), my concern still remains on the overall obvious matter… Why are our government & military conducting so much training? So indepth? Spending so much when we supposidely don’t have the funds? I am aware of training conducted year round. I am aware there are possible coincidences. I also am aware that the jamboree new location has been in effect for a while. But there are still things involved inside this whole ordeal that does not add up. I’d rather be safe, have my children safe & healthy, then be sorry… Please continue to keep us in prayer as the jamboree comes to an end (& hopefully nothing will follow even in the later days, weeks, months…)

    • Well, we stopped it. So instead of injecting the kids and sending them home to spread it, they made it a game. We did it. We saved lives.
      There appears to be a mountain base on that site. So it’s a secret underground military installation; they wanted to try out a bioweapon and now they can’t. FEMA region III is where Obama approved Russian troops to “help out.” That region includes West Virginia…We’ve got sick people in government who are psychopaths and traitors. We have to be vigilant and I have to be the kind of politician that will protect military whistle blowers lives. Nothing bad has happened to my source and that’s not going to change. I will protect them. Thank you for your service.

      • Scout Mom says:

        My son & husband are at Jambo & I have just enough doubts about 911 & the efforts towards a New World Order to believe what you say could absolutely be true. But have your sources indicated that the drill is now off? Could some disease already have been released? Or there are still 4 more days!!! What current info do you have? Please advise.

        • Yes, they shut it down. Mission accomplished. The Summit is a military facility and it looks like its for bioweapons testing. Now remember Scout Mom that this is the new site of the annual Jamboree so…

          • Scout Mom says:

            Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I have just found out that several boys in his troop including my son are sick and throwing up. My son doesn’t normally get sick. May be food or something…but I still can’t help but wonder… Are you sure it’s off??

          • Did the doctors there ever touch your son?

          • worried mom says:

            Is there any way that we can get our kids home?? What can I do to get my kids home asap??

          • Mission accomplished this year. They’re safe in my opinion. However, this site looks like an underground bioweapons site for the military and it’s the new annual home of the scout Jamboree. So keep that in mind of the future jamborees.

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