April 19, 2014

Nevada Will End All Taxation Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

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The sixth issue on my platform now states:
Replace and Phase Out All Taxation. Nevada will operate under the fiduciary trust management princple. Taxes are simply one revenue source for government. Governments have investment and enterprise income that now surpasses their tax revenues. Governments therefore are fully capable of being self-sustaining without taxation. Mining, gaming, and all businesses will no longer face the constant harassment by legislators to pick their pockets. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) are our local governments’ statements of net worth built up over decades. Governments use CAFRs to list their assets as “advanced liability funds” to dupe the public into believing those investments should be maintained for a good purpose, but which actually serve as power-based holding funds for the government. In turn, the governments then claim that they are always operating at budget “shortfalls” in their operating funds so they claim they must raise your taxes. This is a convenient conspiracy of silence. As Governor, I will assist governments in liberating the potential of this wealth. This plan eliminates the predatory relationship between the government against the people and business, because everyone is happy making money. In fact, the people and businesses will actually cheer such government. Truthfully, as Jesus said when asked a tax question, “The children are free.”
Walter Burien makes the concise argument on his websites:
1. What is Taxation?      ANSWER: A revenue source.
2. What is Investment Return?       ANSWER: A revenue Source.
3. What do Enterprise operations do?     ANSWER: Generate a revenue Source.

The Big question of ending all taxation?
ANSWER: Use #2 & #3 to knock out #1
The reality is that governments are fully capable of financially self-sufficiency and prosperity. We can end the adversarial relationship between the people, business, and government. So, we’re going to detail over course of the campaign how this will occur. This will be the topic of the next episode of Occupy Freedom TV. If you want to study it independently, use the below links.

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  1. Bobby Corbin says:

    thank you im done paying taxes at least property taxes i figure that when you win or buy something its yours there should be no taxes on stuff like that

  2. Griff says:

    If you win, I’ll be moving back to Henderson. In Nevada, of course.

  3. David says:

    This is a very interesting concept which I would fully support. If implimented I forsee a giant exodus of residents from other states running to Nevada. I support Mr. VanDerBeek. Keep up the good work.

  4. As David noted:

    1. What is Taxation? ANSWER: A revenue source.
    2. What is Investment Return? ANSWER: A revenue Source.
    3. What do Enterprise operations do? ANSWER: Generate a revenue Source.

    The Big question of ending all taxation? ANSWER: Use #2 & #3 to knock out #1

    The City of Mesa, AZ has done this in part for over 40-years now. The City Council structures city operations mandating that X amount of investment return from the many investment funds the city manages is applied each year to the city’s Budget which is referred to within government as the general purpose operating funds. The enterprise operations the city owns are also required to pitch in X amount also. One enterprise operation the city owns is the electrical power company. Not only do the residents of the city of Mesa enjoy the lowest electrical rates in the state, the power company also pitches in depending on what year you look at between 30 to 110 million dollars each year to the city’s general purpose operating funds. So there is no magical answer as to why the city of Mesa, AZ has the lowest city tax rate in the State of Arizona. The city council when implementing this method of operation did not want to use its residents as “easy marks” through ever increasing taxation, they wanted to “benefit” their residents by having lower taxation as services were maintained to an exemplary standard through the before-mentioned method of operation.

    The same method of operation can be taken the extra 9-yards whereby 100% of “any” local government’s general purpose operating funds are satisfied in this fashion.

    Taxation not needed. Additionally for the first time in history all three power groups are on the same page. The population; government administration; and the industrial / financial cartels. The population without the drain of taxation maintains their productivity value and builds their wealth. Government administration has their same truckloads of cash rolling in the door to do what they do, but now with the revenue source of taxation taken out of the picture. The industrial / financial cartels have virtually an unlimited pool of capital reinvestment funds from the government “self-sufficiency fiduciary trust funds” to back / fund their projects and ventures. Again, for the first time in history a win-win for one and all.

    Now David Lory VanDerBeek’s first name of David is appropriate. Their was another David from times long ago that took the reins of government and led his people into a very prosperous; truly justice oriented; and high standards state of affairs for one-and-all. I look forward to this current day David doing the same for the benefit of the peoples of Nevada come the year 2014 forward.

    Keep in mind when he says “No Taxation” that means no taxation. Personal tax; sales tax; corporate tax; property tax, NO TAXATION. Again, it is not needed. The structured mode of operation of using #2 and #3 to axe #1 is awaiting to happen. This standard was not put into play decades ago due to the fact that the inside player’s greed and opportunity factor got the better of them and it was just to easy for the pitch to the population for taxation. This has been going on for thousands of years.

    It has been for the upper level government inside players over the last seventy-years per increasing “the take” as if taking candy from a baby due to the money and wealth involved. With the basics never openly discussed per the “collective view” as would pertain to increases of the take; growth of the investment funds; and revenue generated by the enterprise operations, effectively a orchestrated void was maintained in the cognitive thinking of an entire population. What the population was intentionally spoon fed was a selective presentation of “one side of the coin” debt, debt, and debt. In fact government had so much money rolling in the door each and every year they needed a “parking zone” for much of it.

    What was that parking zone found and then developed by them? Answer: Government would “promote debt” at the front door and through the back door use their own investment assets to fund that same debt. The public when confronted by government’s ever increasing debt would say: “Are those government officials idiots taking on more and more debt?” Well, when you comprehend this little trick they have been playing out for the last 65-years, the answer to that question is no, the public was just an easy mark due to the money and wealth involved.

    In this environment the government and the industrial / financial cartels teamed up together utilizing the population as an easy mark to be “drained and managed”. This has been going on for thousands of years and in modern times has become a refined art. Per the population in true perspective this never was a good thing nor will it ever be a good thing.

    The population in end run ALWAYS comes up with the short end of the stick. I note also in government’s perspective for them to continue under this mode of operation it was essential to keep the public as ‘masterfully entertained” off in La-La Land to continue this type of business as usual. I call it the three M’s: Misdirect; Misguide; and Misinform. Due to the money and wealth involved it drew in the full cooperation of many top players and the population never stood an ice-cube’s chance in hell in opposition and in fact even in general comprehension due to the carefully maintained void in place.

    Are you ready for the “millennium”, a thousand years of prosperity for one-and-all? Opperating government under the “self-sufficiency fiduciary trust funds” or as I call it the TRF (Tax Retirement Fund) principle of funding government’s operations with taxation taken out of the picture. This mode of operation creates that level playing field for the first time in history where the millennium is a given. The economy reverts into being the most prosperous, perpetually functioning, wealth base for one and all of no equal. Again, now “with all” being on the same page having the same mutually beneficial intent. No longer does government have the motive of draining the population while at the same time hiding the investment wealth they amass, but in the alternative open transparency becomes the name of the game.

    FUTURE EXAMPLE OF A NEVADA GOVERNMENT PRESS RELEASE: “The state of Nevada Treasurer’s Office announces on the State level our Nevada self-sufficiency fiduciary trust fund reached 852 billion this year and the return from the fund in combination with contributions from our enterprise operations has reached the generated annual return where our next across the board tax cut scheduled for June 30th of this year all state taxes will have been eliminated. The report on local government fund performance for our cities; counties; and school districts is running close to the State’s performance where all non-state local government taxation should reach the point for complete elimination as of next year. The state of Nevada also would like to announce that due to the friendly tax free zone now established for our state, 1400 domestic and International industrial companies have established or will establish company production operation plants and offices this year in Nevada bringing 375,000 new jobs to the state and revenue generation from the same is expected to be over 1.1 trillion dollars of additional financial activity in our state. This year for the fifth consecutive year, Nevada home values have increased 8% making Nevada as reported in several national publications the best place to retire and live in the country. We are sad though to report we will be loosing Nevada’s most popular Governor this year. David Lory VanDerBeek has announced he will not be seeking another term as the Nevada State Governor. Next year he will be running for President of the United States where he and his team will be focusing their full efforts. We all will miss him here at the capital building, but the country needs his vision applied to implement the same prosperity nationally we all now enjoy in Nevada. We are all behind him and hope he and his team sets the record from an enthusiastic population for the strongest voter turnout in history for a national election.” END OF PRESS RELEASE

    Let’s all join together and truly support David for a future prosperity for One-and-All. He has a few rough edges which I am confident will be worked out in time making him one of the the best “Peoples candidate choice” in modern times.

    Yours truly,

    Walter Burien – CAFR1.com


  5. john says:

    it is truly refreshing to see a fiscal conservative running for public office. if find myself echoing what others have said, i.e.; “if you win i’m moving to nevada”, as i have had enough of the cesspool politics, in the state i find myself living in currently. i guess i had best be putting on my track shoes, and running to nevada, as fast i, and the u-haul truck can run/be driven.

  6. Wayne says:

    So what your saying is governments should compete with private enterprise?

  7. Mona P says:

    I would still like to move there and help with your campaign. Everytime you post another video I am more convinced of how awesome you are. You are one of a kind. No comparison even though the Ron Paul on steroids is a great way to describe you.

  8. najhoa says:

    oh come on

    pretty soon , you will be advocating the end of usury !

    THEN how will the jew bankers continue to rape us ?

  9. Pat B says:

    Can you send someone like minded to the other 49 states?

  10. BR says:

    I am definitely supporting this guy and voting for this guy and shall tell everyone who will listen that I am behind him.

  11. Lisa says:

    Dear Mr. VanDerBeek:

    I could not find a link for the whole plan specific to Arizona and the exact funds it holds in its CAFR. Please provide a detailed breakdown. The concept is fantastic, and a full explanation of which investments would be folded into the plan would be very helpful. Clint Richardson, a protege of Walter Burien, has done an excellent job in doing the dirty work of crunching the numbers of other CAFR reports to show where the money is and what investments are owned. It seems to me that this is a necessary component to flesh out your plan.

    Thank you for your patriotism!!


  12. Kevin Barry says:

    As an avid student of money and a staunch advocate of personal, professional, and financial freedom, I think it is both prudent and appropriate to ferret out truth from political promises. I am not here to demean your intentions, aspirations, and desired outcomes.I am with you and your ideas. You could very well be the real deal. All of those who en devour politics with noble intentions should always be judged by their relevant experience in business, finance, and governmental process. While we all want employ those who are as passionate as you, there are many voters out there who refuse to take the “red pill” and see reality like it should. Worse yet, there will be people out there who will want to discredit you, lie about you, and twist your messages into wordsmithed, and confused spin.

    I have read your Senate and Gubernatorial platforms and your personal outrage towards a multitude of political, environmental, and financial issues confronting America today. I am in agreement with you. You have nailed some very sensitive problems that need immediate attention. While there are a multitude of ways to approach these issues, people seem quite excited that you have chosen the political process to fight these seemingly intractable problems.

    So while I support your noble intentions, please allow someone the opportunity to play devils advocate here. I have some hard questions that need to be publicly answered and acknowledged. As you can imagine, we have seen our share of elected officials promise the world, say they are different, and promise “change”…..when in reality, their actions demonstrate a usurpation of power, money, and station. So let’s pick apart some realities and find out HOW and IF you can convince others that we have the real deal. You don’t need to convince me that this is your passion. However, there will be others who live on another planet…a planet that you need to operate in to get the votes you need.

    Please answer these questions and requests as best you can. These are questions that many will want to know.

    Do you or have you ever owned a business in Nevada?( We want to see if you have had to run a set of financial books other than your home, in addition to dealing the Local, State, and Federal Bureaucracies)

    Have you ever been part of any group, society, or organization that has fought for a cause as delineated in your Senate speech? ( talk is cheap, action is proof)

    Could you please demonstrate your knowledge of State level finance processes, how you plan to operate in that environment, and clearly delineate how you expect to overcome the political process to achieve a taxless Nevada.

    If elected, would you be willing to fore go any life time benefits and pay at the end of your term to demonstrate that came to serve and not be part of the problem?

    You say that you will not die for this Nation and would rather send others in your stead…like Patton. And in another instance you said that you would die for this country. Which is it?

    As you are well aware, the State of Nevada has had it’s share of problems. How will you show the voters that you can play politics and achieve results in an environment where doing the right thing is not the intention?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    • Do you or have you ever owned a business in Nevada? Yes, I’m a family therapist in private practice.

      Have you ever been part of any group, society, or organization that has fought for a cause as delineated in your Senate speech? This is what the IAP is. It’s our State’s Constitutional Party: the Independent American Party. The Nevada Families Eagle Forum is run by Janine Hansen who is a director of our party and is working at the capital right now.

      Could you please demonstrate your knowledge of State level finance processes, how you plan to operate in that environment, and clearly delineate how you expect to overcome the political process to achieve a taxless Nevada? Governments tax you seven ways to Sunday. They then go about wasting the money through needless bureaucracy. That’s the essence of government. We live in a world without real leadership. When you show people a win-win situation it takes time for them to grasp, but you hold firm and trudge on.

      If elected, would you be willing to fore go any life time benefits and pay at the end of your term to demonstrate that came to serve and not be part of the problem? I don’t even know what they are. I don’t really care. You’re assuming that I’m assuming I’ll be alive to enjoy them…If the people of Nevada want to give me a gift for my service of their own accord then I’ll receive it gratefully, but I don’t beg. I create.

      You say that you will not die for this Nation and would rather send others in your stead…like Patton. And in another instance you said that you would die for this country. Which is it? You’re not understanding me or not trying. I don’t want to die, but we all will die. How we die is of the utmost importance.

      As you are well aware, the State of Nevada has had it’s share of problems. How will you show the voters that you can play politics and achieve results in an environment where doing the right thing is not the intention? I don’t play politics. I give the people and the markets truth so they can make the best decisions for themselves. My job is to protect the markets so they can function and people can achieve their dreams. My job is to get the government out of the way of the people.

  13. While I see this as a step in the right direction, and one that desperately needs to be taken, I do see a couple of drawbacks.
    First, government is notoriously inefficient. And any government run enterprise has the exact same inefficiencies. This makes the government enterprises ripe for competition. Private industries will easily beat government run enterprises in a free market, thus putting the government enterprise out of business. The only solution for a government enterprise is to make competition illegal, and run only by the government. So, how is it that a government owned monopoly is any better than a privately owned monopoly? While this may not be a huge problem if the government owned enterprise is not necessary to existence, it does become problematic if the government is running something vital such as the electric grid.
    Secondly, without the source of revenue provided by taxes, won’t governments, especially small towns become draconian in enforcement of fines, such as traffic violations?

    • I never used the term monopoly, but I’ll give you an easy example. For example, our government controls Hoover Dam as well they should. The Dam creates power which can be sold for a profit. The profits are invested in the free market. There is no need for taxes to be charged for the operation or preservation of the Dam.

  14. How is government to be prevented from using its funds from buying up other businesses, then using its power to shut down competition?
    The Communist Manifesto demands that government own the means to production (companies). How does this proposal differ from Communism?
    How are you as governor going to prevent the State from resurrecting taxation?
    To me, this smacks of another scheme; a pie-in-the-sky plan, and a promise with just as much value as every other government promise.
    We don’t need a better, more efficient, less obtrusive method of government funding. Rather, we need less government.

  15. PaulThe CabDriver:

    Your questions are deceptive in composition.

    1) How do you intend to prevent the banditti from returning to their thieving ways? (Re-instituting taxes?)

    ** The obvious is applicable here. Your question being the same could have been: When you clean the 5-feet of garbage piled up on the street how do you prevent the garbage from piling up again? The first aspect of the obvious is: “HAVING THE INTENT AND METHOD TO CLEANING UP THE GARBAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE!” The lazy and the defeatist over doing the job says: “It is too deep, and if we clean it up anyway, it will just pile up again.” Those types are not winners but excuse makers. They will cry do it for me and when you do it for them say: Oh, you didn’t do it good enough. An individual or groups intent will in most cases establish the outcome.

    2) You refuse to admit that this is a government monopoly, yet you have not answered my question. Will private enterprises be allowed to compete with these government enterprises, or will the banditti enforce a monopoly?

    ** Outside of ignorance as to the reality we are faced with, What are government enterprises? In general they are tollways; toll bridges; recycling plants; golf courses; state universities; county community colleges; convention centers; ocean ports; airports; some commercial buildings; court systems; pension fund systems; local government investment pools; county dumps; cemeteries; water supply systems; electric plants; park systems; and community pools are a grouping of the primary current government enterprise operations. The “compete” aspect I think is obvious to everyone per the before mentioned. The “compete” or “monopoly” aspect is not the issue. The issue is all of the before-mentioned generate significant monies. Is $1 generated therefrom designated to participate with ending taxation? NO, excluding the example of the city of Mesa, AZ given above earlier in this thread. They operate the power company, have excellent service and by their own guidelines are required to keep electrical rates slightly below the cost of state averages.

    3) How will a government sponsored enterprise possibly compete with a private enterprise, since competition is what governments do worst?

    ** Don’t feel bad. You have been sucker soundbite conditioned like the rest of us. In reality government enterprise operations have been VERY profitable ventures generating billions of dollars state by state. Do they promote that fact? No, they do quite the opposite. If the public had the intelligence to bypass the soundbite conditioning and actually looked at what was being generated AND stashed away under wealth management accounts for the same, the gig would be up. A specific requirement that X amount of the revenue generated therefrom goes to offset taxation is a VERY big step in the right direction for general accountability and eliminating taxation.

    4) If the government enforces a monopoly, making it the sole provider of a certain service in Nevada, how is that different than Communism?

    ** The only true monopoly as I see it that Nevada or any local government has is the standardized forced collection of taxation. The “sniper shot” is aimed and will be fired to break up “that” monopoly.


    The “intent” here is to make the population: “THE FIRST LINE BENEFICIARY” of all government operations: Investment and enterprise being utilized to END ALL TAXATION. Now if you are against that, there are a few underground whip and bondage clubs I can refer you to that in that mindset of choice you might find fun.

  16. I am not against you ending taxation. In fact, I laud your efforts. I sincerely hope you achieve your goals, and hope that those goals are achieved in every state, especially my own. No one should ever be forced to pay for something they do not want, or do not use by any group of people–even if they call themselves “government”.
    I would suggest changing the Constitution of Nevada to forbid taxation from being ever instituted again if you are successful in eliminating taxation in the first place.
    I would also suggest another Constitutional change that would forbid government owned enterprises from blocking competition. No group of people should ever be allowed to block out others from competing. And no one should be forced to use only a government service or product.
    Those two changes coupled with your efforts at eliminating taxation would go a long way toward achieving your goal which is smaller, much more limited government.
    However, why not just go whole-hog and eliminate the government entirely? The vast majority of what it does is unnecessary, The little that remains (security, provision of justice, and contract dispute) can easily be handled by private sources.

    • I’ll be doing a TV show on this topic and I’ll air and respond to your questions there. My show here in Nevada is Occupy Freedom and they are all uploaded to my youtube channel. I will embed the video of the show here. It will be recorded next week. So I’m thinking within two weeks…

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  19. Richard Deerfield says:

    My god, an honest politician! I thought they were extinct! Go to cafr1.com and get educated, watch the videos. This is the scam of the century, TRILLIONS of dollars! 185,000 government entities in the US, every single one has one of these accounts! People need to be removed from office, and I don’t mean ‘next election’, I mean NOW. There need to be arrests, treason as all in the know are liars thieves and psychopaths, we need to clean house people! At ALL levels of govt, right on down to the dog catcher, they all need to be made accountable. This has been going on since 1946 and we are just now finding out about it???

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