April 18, 2014

UPDATED Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full-Scale Exercise Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

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A friendly youtuber royan rosche sent me the archive of the ORIGINAL FEMA page captured on March 2nd, 2013 by Web Archive.org. Bravo Royan!

This is not a joke. This is a REAL FEMA DRILL scheduled for “Saturday April 27th 2013 9:00am to 5:00pm” in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. There are two scenarios. The original event on the calendar of the Fema.gov website can be found here

Zombie UFO Crash Disaster Full-Scale Exercise UPDATE 03-03-2013 1:16 PST: After I posted this article this morning, FEMA PULLED THE EVENT DOWN replacing it with a statement that the information is now “only available to coalition members.” Having foreseen this I took screen shots of the event, so that I could preserve the record. You will see the screen shots at the bottom of this article. COPY THOSE SCREEN SHOTS AND SEND THEM VIRAL.

This message from me is not to incite fear or panic. I’ve contacted the person Sandy Rollins ‘srollins@latah.id.us’ listed for the drill in the event with the following message:

Hello Ms. Rollins,


I am the leading candidate for governor of Nevada in 2014. http://nevadagovernor2014.com/

You are the contact for this page on Fema.gov:


Because this drill is supported by federal funds paid by the taxes of the US people including the citizens of Nevada, you are required to provide the public with precise information about your activities in this drill. I expect you to respond within the week with an email with the detailed information regarding the two scenarios mentioned. I also expect the email and phone number of your immediate supervisor. Whether or not you cooperate, I will be reporting your response or lack thereof to the nation on my television show and youtube channel.

Thank you,

David Lory VanDerBeek



Confidentiality Notice

This transmission is intended for use of the person to whom it is addressed and may contain confidential information belonging to the sender. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying or distribution, or taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify us by telephone AND shred this document.



This information has been disclosed to you from confidential records protected by federal confidentiality rules (HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2) AND state law. the federal rules and state law prohibit you from making any further disclosure of this information unless further disclosure is expressly permitted by the specific written consent of the person to whom it pertains or is otherwise permitted by both Federal and State law. A general authorization for the release of medical or other information is not sufficient authorization for further disclosure. The Federal rules restrict any use of the information to criminally investigate or prosecute any mental health, alcohol or drug abuse patient.


Why is this important? Because it raises serious questions about what our government believes about the fundamentals of our human reality. Do the leaders of our nation believe in UFOs and zombies really? If so, what is their proof? They must have proof in order to spend money on drills? If they have proof, they must provide it to the general public? What is the threat? How imminent is it?


Personally, I do not believe in UFOs or zombies and neither does anyone in the federal government. It is quite likely that our government has a created a bio-chemical weapon that can induce zombie-like behaviors in humans and therefore assist in a mass murder event to promote global depopulation without taking the blame. In fact Dr. Steven Schlozman, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School has made public statements stating how a contagion event could result in a zombie apocalypse. But because of government/elitist propaganda in the media and Hollywood, millions of people will accept it as a zombie event from aliens rather than a chemical weapon attack by other humans. The UFO piece of the propaganda is to induce the public to accept the depopulation event as a “culling” of the human herd by a “higher intelligence” life form that has been watching earth. These alleged UFO aliens will be executing judgment as they see fit because they feel that we are destroying our earth and therefore many of us need to die in order “re-balance” nature. This is the emerging earth-worship religion combined with the new UFO-alien/ufology religion. Both are promoted by the elite who have take over our government and feed this propaganda to us through popular culture movies and video games.  Of course, these are silly stories, but through the use of technology, media, science, and even holograms, it will be possible for world governments to convince large sectors of the general public that these events are real. My position is and always has been that these events are HUMAN CONSPIRACIES. The fact that the federal government is actually noting these events on official websites and generating events for drills in response for these events is an indication that they are ready to move. These events will cause global chaos to which the only solution proposed by the elite will of course be global government. In the bigger picture, these events will be used to justify the final surrender of our national sovereignty as the dictators of the earth including Obama claim we must form a global government to combat this alien invasion. Yes, it is insane, but then the elite of this earth are insane people. Surrendering our national sovereignty will conveniently include paying global taxes and forming a global army. One reason they believe this will work is because  they want to convince religious people that these UFOs are the ‘messiah’ event long awaited. I can agree with the elite on one thing, this FEMA event of their is certainly a sign of the times.


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  1. Karen Hoffer says:

    David I am so relieved you are raising awareness to what our government is up to. Not that long ago the CDC put up a “What to do in case if a zombie apocalypse” on their website and many people were laughing about it and treated it like a joke. Then not long after that happened I remember stories in the news about people attacking other people and biting their faces or ears, hands, or wherever their mouths happen to touch like they were literally trying to eat them. I began thinking if our government was using these people as test subjects for some bio chemical compound they were producing to make this kind of behavior happen. I do not put anything past our government anymore and am quite frankly starting to despair. How much worse does it have to get before people start realizing what is right in front of their face?

    • I agree. Fema pulled the event, but I had screen shots. I added them here for you to copy and share. You can see the URL’s match up with the one at Fema.

      • Kay Lynn says:

        Thanks for sharing the screen shots; people doubted my comment on it so I shared the link for others to view for themselves. It is very strange, as Karen mentioned; with the CDC info that had been posted. Also strange I find that these how to survive zombie plague specials are running all the time. It was stated that the government has a special task force ready for potential ‘zombie like plague’ outbreak. Do you know where to find such information to confirm this? Thanks!

      • Ahmed says:



        WE ARE FUCKED.

        • I don’t about that. You’re not factoring in how fast viruses mutate rendering them harmless. Viruses cannot stay the same. So while a virus such as a bird flu many kill thousands it will not kill millions…But then they are trying to perfect bioweapons that can… So lets talk about it.

    • 3510 says:

      This is an MCI training drill. Has nothing to do with a conspiracy, and is actually intended to be a learning experience. http://dnews.com/local/article_747aaf81-61ca-5a73-a68b-5418103e1fe9.html?_dc=876424401998.5199&cbst=37

      • You’re free to believe whatever the government tells you. Freedom of Speech.

        • alan says:

          I am 67 and remember my parents talk about the Orson Wells radio program of the 1930s. There was no announcement that the program was just a skit about Martians landing in New Jersey. It created mass hysteria across the country. Finally at the end of the program they announced It was just a written for radio program, and that there was no invasion.
          I said I was 67 and still remember the UFO sightings that were frequently reported.on radio, in the papers, and on TV. Then the Gov. announced there was no evidence, and they were stopping their investigations.
          I was born in 1946 and I believe it was the next year (1947) that the Roswell incident occured. Who knows what the truth is? Our Gov. has always hidden facts.
          My suggestion, Look up to Jesus. Confess your sins, and receive him into your life..
          This is your saving grace and will take away all fear. I am not saying this lightly..True Christians know what is behind the current situation..There are powers greater than us, and they are not little green men..

      • M. Simmons says:

        Just like Sandy Hook? It too was on the “Calendar” for the same day it happened. In the same city and involving school aged children. Except “Full Scale” means real life testing with real people.

        • I didn’t know that Sandy Hook was on the FEMA calendar or that Full Scale means real people. Send me info.

          • K. Elder says:

            I believe I can help with the Sandy Hook question/request somewhat.I watched this video not too long ago on Youtube and the author of the video has some interesting facts of info about the ”MOCK DRILL” > Video title is: SANDY HOOK: BUSTED WIDE OPEN “II” Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC4XmAAiIek&list=PLAhWLBGbnYX7VoUIGAmrJmnlqlyr1KR1E&index=153 ( video length 21:09 )

            I would like to add that it came to my attention that there may be more sinister things going on than is first perceived. The late Ted Gunderson.did much research as well as others have about Satanism in this country. In my research I found some allegations that Satanists may have been directly or indirectly involved in the Sandy Hook School shootings.Don’t get me wrong and I’ll try not to go too far with this but what I found was eye opening.To the point…The main church of Satanists is located in Newtown CT.Coincidence? Here’s one link on a Youtube video ( more info is easily found to exist to the connection)
            Video Title: Church of Satan in Newtown Connecticut-Must See
            Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_kzjgBIVrM ( video length 07:31 )

            David,I am a native Vegan (52 yrs) and look forward to your giving those who wish to subvert our beloved Nation,what they deserve.So far i like what I have gathered on you and am inclined to back you in the coming elections.Hope my little involvement in this forum helped.


          • I’m with you K! Reviewing the information. Thank you.

        • Ahmed says:

          so your saying that FULL SCALE EXCERCISE





          • I think they can. They have bioweapons and the government is controlled by elite eugenicists. So depopulation is an agenda because they feel the earth is over populated and many people are considered to be trash. I think we need to have conversations about what these bioweapons are being made.

      • Jill says:

        I clicked on the link and read what it says and my question is, they say they want to make the drills fun. Since when does our military, police, etc. do drills in the name of fun? Second, I noticed how it said that they didn’t want to use school shootings, etc. as their theme, WHAT? Real life drills is the reason our military, police, etc. are able to practice to defend us in the first place, not some bogus theme of zombies and aliens. I believe they used these two themes to mock us. They know that these topics are attention grabbers for those who are glued to the boob tube. If they make it like a movie, then WE won’t pay much attention to what their real agenda is, US! Our tax dollars are being thrown up in the air on so many bogus bullcrap things, that most of us just shake our head and walk away from having to do or say anything further to make our reps. accountable. They want us looking to the left while things are going on, on the right. Those of us who DO pay attention, are laughed, scoffed and ridiculed. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY AMERICA!

  2. Carol Bellinger says:

    This to me shows us exactly how stupid our government thinks we are. This needs to be viral so everyone knows what to expect. The government should be ashamed for doing this. Is this also a reason for impeachment. When will this tyrant be taken out of office. We should be ashamed of ourselves for not standing up to our president 4 years ago. Our tax dollars should not be used for such idiotic drills. Some how we need to warn the masses about what is going to take place. I am sick of our government sitting back and thinking they can do whatever they want. Im sure the elite are laughing at us and thinking what fools we are. Why cant America stand up to this tyrant. Why cant congress throw him out. If. They do not it is our responsibility. How can we do this. We must do this. Who can do this. I beg all of America to wake up and stand up to this tyrant and impeach him and try him as a criminal. If we do not we will be protecting our families from behind a closed door with bullets flying through our house and we will ultimately lose. I know most do not have enough guns to fight our government. Please wake up AMERICA……….

  3. David says:

    Thank you Mr. VanDerBeek. We need to remain vigilant in these trying times. I am not a resident of Nevada but when you are elected Governor I may one day be. Keep doing what you are doing. Although most people are very busy with their livelihoods trying to make ends meet day to day, we are all supporting you whether we have time to comment or not.

  4. Sharon says:

    Please can you add a “forward to email” link to this for us sm
    art phone users? This is a great article!

  5. Michelle Cox Hundertmark says:

    Unbelievable! thanks for the information, and i just don’t get how they can do all of this spending without permission?
    either way, God help us :)

  6. JT says:

    They quick pulled the alien drill off the website–

  7. There is too much information that is hidden deliberately in order to manipulate the people. As long as we can, it is our duty to bring these things to light.

  8. Kim Goodwin says:

    I have read some things about the government trying to use that as their excuse. Also of Russia telling the U.S if they don’t tell us about alien life than they will. Then someone stating another person wanted to make up that aliens attacked us. I wish I remembered the names of the people in the article I read. Even if we have alien life I don’t think that would be our fear, but more our own government trying to hurt us and pretend to be the heros after.

    • Exactly, they want to hurt us and proclaim themselves heroes for solving the problem they created.

      • Lein Dorito says:

        Exactly, we call it “problem, reaction, solution” in my circle. If you’re unfamiliar with the saying it goes like this.. The government creates or uses an existing “problem” (9-11, Sandy Hook, Aurora Batman shooting, ect..). Then, We The People, “react” to the “problem”, most, in an emotional state (which works to the governments benefit). While everyone is emotional and not thinking logically, the government brings forth its “solution” to the problem at hand. And the reality is, the “solution”, was nothing more than a preconceived agenda.. In most cases, the solution would never be consider without the said problem..

      • knowledgeispower says:

        http://hackingdemocracy.wordpress.com/ the concept has been revised. the official name is now “democracy 2.0″ it is a system that governes the ppl while being governed by the ppl. its almost completely transparent. therefore making corruption very difficult to maintain. the system is accountable to the ppl and the ppl are accountable to the system. feedback is encouraged in fact this system ingdepends on it. i know the link isnt hot im hoping you being in the position you are in will atleast give the concept proposed in this article fair thought

      • Fatima says:

        In this awesome patrten of things you get a B+ for effort and hard work. Where exactly you confused me was first in the specifics. You know, people say, details make or break the argument.. And it could not be more correct in this article. Having said that, permit me tell you what did deliver the results. The text can be pretty persuasive and that is most likely the reason why I am making the effort to comment. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. 2nd, although I can easily notice the jumps in logic you come up with, I am not necessarily convinced of just how you appear to unite the points which inturn produce the conclusion. For the moment I will, no doubt subscribe to your issue but hope in the foreseeable future you actually link the facts better.

  9. Bobby Corbin says:

    bath salts or a lsd hibrid have been known to cause zombie like behavior heres the proof http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=neV_P6S-gxM

  10. Kim Gilles says:

    Please update if you get a repsonse from Sandy Rollins on the explanation of this insane drill.

  11. Sean Nelson says:

    KeStay at it David n keep up the great work! I have been following you for a few months now and always share your videos. Time is short to turn things around, but the masses are steadily awakening!

  12. Alan Bruce says:

    Hello David. I came across this YouTube post today under the topic of UFO’s. I thank you for your keen and discerning take on the matter. Since I live in Idaho, this really caught my attention. It is not like our Government has done the same before as I believe that our Government released AIDS upon us in the 1960s. I posted this video link on the forum at phoenix source distributors.com in an effort to help you gain some traction with this.

  13. Tobi Greene says:

    I think this was a test run for the zombie-like-behavior that you are talking about. This happened not too long ago. Naked man eats the face off another man. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/26/naked-man-eating-victims-face-killed-miami_n_1548359.html

  14. Alexandra says:

    great job again David , bringing this to light & getting that screen shot : ))),
    when I think zombie , I think Methamphetamine & of course we know the govenrment has widely used this drug within the military & in experimentation . It is a nasty psychotropic that produces not only zombie like behavior but also produces extremely irrational violent behaviors . so i dont know what else they are intending to spray us with beside the highly toxic chemtrails which include ( arsenic ,barium,boron,calcium, aluminum,uranium, chromium,copper,iron,lead,a variety of other infectious pathogens,sedatives, cationic polymer fibers & also tiny parasitic nematode eggs etc….etc…etc… ) .
    sharing your videos as usual .

  15. I am sharing this now.

  16. tara says:

    On the “kids” section of the FEMA site, they used to have a game about being prepared and ready for emergency but the entire plot of it was a ufo landing and the child learning from the little green guy how to make a kit, etc. Strange but not really as I expect disclosure this year. Russia and U.K. have admitted the presence of them and want us to release the truth. Look up Project Bluebeam. There will be holograms at first then after the initial shock wears off they will really arrive…but it’s all just a show. They are already here. I have no doubt. :)

  17. David and Co. Zombie Newz Update on my site is now featuring this and more..

    Blessings to all,

    Alexander Backman

  18. Douglas says:

    Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

    Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

    The man that wrote ” The Way home or face The Fire ” also made the DVD
    ” 7/7 Ripple Effect ” about the London bombings in 2005. This man’s name is
    John Anthony Hill, His Spirit-being ( names ) are: JAH, Muad’Dib and Elijah.

    Friends of Muad’Dib: http://mtrial.org/

    Muad’Dib means ” Teacher of Righteousness ” in Arabic.
    Psalms 68:4 Sing unto God, sing praises to His name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His name JAH, and rejoice before Him.

    • Point says:

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  19. Sharon says:

    Nothing surprises me any more…Good job with the screen shots! I commend InfoWars for posting this too. Bravo!

  20. anonymous says:

    You seem to have done your research, and have a firm grasp on their supposed plans. I am in agreement for the most part, even though I still find it unsettling that they make their plans known. But I do believe the use of a bio-chemical weapon to induce the zombie like behavior is incorrect. There is a large amount of information available that indicates this type of behavior can be induced through electronic means. The human body/mind operates on certain wavelengths, and it’s been proven that humans can be manipulated by “tapping” into these wavelengths. I know this description is brief, and rather uninformative, but there is just too much info out htere to write it down here. I would advise all to research this topic extensively. It’s a real eye opener.

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    • Thank you, Christian! I have no idea how it was listed there.

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  23. Hi Davis I’m living in Australia fighting the New World Order. So are people from OPPT One Peoples’ Public Trust 1776. Google and listen to their radio show. Over 200 Thousand listeners. You are welcome to visit my Australian Business Community; Lots of information in groups.

  24. The Grand Pooh-Bah says:

    Just heard about this event. After watching your video I did a search and found Sandy Collins
    http://www.latah.id.us/lepc/ It has all of her contact info…even her home phone. I live and work in Moscow, Idaho and will be investigating this further.

  25. The Grand Pooh-Bah says:

    If you go here http://www.latah.id.us/lepc/ and look at the agenda for Feb 14 they list a Training event….but they have not posted the minutes of that meeting.

    • Noel says:

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  26. Declan Land says:

    Nice speech, David. Hopefully this will wake a lot of ignorant people up that don’t know what’s happening in our world. I think you should request your webmaster to embed an email PHP form so we can email her directly from here by just filling out our Name, Email, Message – it’s really easy to do.

    Thanks David,
    Declan | Site Admin – http://TheJailbreaker.co.uk

  27. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thanks
    once again.

  28. E says:

    Do not believe the “bath salts” propaganda as it has already been proven that the man who attacked the other man in Miami had THC in his system and that was it. And I know Pot can make you hungry……but not hungry enough to go munch on an un bathed homeless man why you are buck naked. Not the best pot in the world would cause this LOL.

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  8. [...] David Lorry Vanderbeek, a candidate for Governor of Nevada, contacted Latah County CERT representative Sandy Collins asking for more information on the drill, but received no response. [...]

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  13. [...] to his website NevadaGovernor2014.com, the exercise was planned in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. However, after [...]

  14. [...] David Lorry Vanderbeek, a candidate for Governor of Nevada, contacted Latah County CERT representative Sandy Collins asking for more information on the drill, but received no response. [...]

  15. [...] to his website NevadaGovernor2014.com, the exercise was planned in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. However, after VanDerBeek [...]

  16. [...] David Lorry Vanderbeek, a candidate for Governor of Nevada, contacted Latah County CERT representative Sandy Collins asking for more information on the drill, but received no response. [...]

  17. [...] to his website NevadaGovernor2014.com, the exercise was planned in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. However, after VanDerBeek [...]

  18. [...] to his website NevadaGovernor2014.com, the exercise was planned in Moscow, Idaho involving 100 participants. However, after VanDerBeek [...]

  19. [...] David Lorry Vanderbeek, contacted Latah County CERT representative Sandy Collins asking for more information on the drill, but received no response. “Do the leaders of our nation believe in UFOs and zombies really?” asked Vanderbeek. “If so, what is their proof? They must have proof in order to spend money on drills? If they have proof, they must provide it to the general public? What is the threat? How imminent is it?” After Vanderbeek published an article on the issue, FEMA scrubbed details of the exercise from their website, although it was saved in the screenshots that can be viewed below. [...]

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